Weapon and Armor Enchantments

Magical weapons, armor and shields are no longer individually enchanted. Instead, characters undergo rituals that allow them to temporarily imbue any weapon or shield they wield or any armor they wear with specific powers. This allows characters to change equipment more freely and allows for combat maneuvers such as Sunder to be used more freely.

Applying Enchantments

For every round a character holds a masterwork weapon he may apply a number of enchantment bonuses to it equal to the number of rounds he has been wielding it. For instance, the first round a character picks up a new weapon, he may begin shifting his enchantments to it, applying a +1 bonus of any kind to it (it need not be an enhancement bonus, unlike with normal enchanting), the second round he applies a net of +2 bonuses, third round +3, etc, until he has applied all enchantments to the weapon. A character may only apply his enchantments to one weapon at a time but these enchantments will last until another character wields the weapon or the character begins shifting his enchantments to a different weapon. While a character may choose not to shift his enchantments to a new weapon, once he begins shifting his enchantments he must apply all his enchantments as rounds progress.

This process is the same for armor and shields. The Twinned enchantment notably alters how this process works.

Gold-Only Enchantments

Unlike normal enhancements and enchantments, gold-only enchantments (such as Blueshine or Prismatic Burst) are still applied directly to the weapon, shield, or armor and do not shift.

Natural Weapons and Armor Bases

Weapon enchantments may be applied to a natural weapon a character is proficient with. For natural weapons with multiple limbs (such as claws), the enchantment applies only to a single limb.

A character may benefit from armor enchantments by wearing an armor base, typically robes or bracers. See Armor Base for more. Creatures with a racial natural armor of +6 or higher may apply armor enchantments to themselves without an armor base.

Innately Magical Equipment

Because magic for weapons, armor and shields is now imbued by the wearer, magical versions of these items will take on a different form. Characters will now be able to find swords, armor and shields with innate magical abilities, more in the range of what one would consider to be unusual for such items. For instance, a sword tied to force might deal double damage vs force objects, deal +1d6 Force damage, and allow the wielder to cast Magic Missile as a swift action 1/day. These items can range wildly in usefulness, form, and most distinctly in power.

Interestingly, these are not items that can be made, even by Crafters. They are items that must be born. Innately magical weapons, armor and shields gain their power through exposure to unique forces and historic moments. In such, they are more akin to Legendary items (and even aberrants) than true magical items. These items will often be found as treasure, uncommonly found with merchants (though some do collect such unusual items), or, rarely, seen as a transformed piece of equipment already wielded by the character.

Innately magical equipment has the ability to grow in power, though the conditions that create such growth are unknown. There are other types of items with native magical properties, though they are rare and many will go their lives without seeing such objects – see Magical Item Descriptors for more.

Weapon and Armor Enchantments

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