Below are the rules for retraining various aspects of your character during campaign.

Almost all retraining can only occur when a character is leveling and takes place before the next level is gained. The feat or skill points you retrain to must have been a legitimate option when you first took the feat. In other words, you cannot retrain the Toughness feat you took at first level for the Weapon Supremacy feat as you didn’t have the BAB or feat prereqs at 1st level. Any retraining done cannot make later feats or classes taken illegal. For example, if wished to retrain all ranks you had in Jump but had the feat Leap Attack you would be forced to retrain Leap Attack as well (if you wanted to leave the minimum amount for Leap Attack, you’d be fine, but for this example you want them all retrained). If you had any later feats or had taken levels in a prestige class that required Leap Attack as a prerequisite, you would be required to retrain those before you could retrain Leap Attack to then retrain those skill points.

All notes below may be ignored if the retrain is pushed by in-game events or a drastic need for rebalancing the game. These rules aren’t meant to be “dicking” in any way, and they’re not rigid (though they may read like it). They’re just some general guidelines to how often or how to approach some general changes if you need to make them.

Class Feature

With class features that offer more than one option you may exchange one option for another so long as it doesn’t make another later-made choice illegal. A character may change one class feature during a level up but after retraining it must wait three levels before retraining it again.


You may exchange one feat gained from a class or hit dice for another so long as it doesn’t make another later-made choice illegal. A character may change one feat during a level up but after retraining it must wait two levels before retraining it again. Fighter bonus feats are an exception and a character only has to wait one level before retraining it again.

Language Retraining

Languages cannot be retrained unless there is strong character motivations to do so. Should there be one, the language is slowly exchanged for another language over time.

Skill Retraining

You may select up to 4 skill ranks from one skill and shift it to another so long as it doesn’t make another later-made choice illegal. Characters with levels in rogue may exchange an additional amount of skill points equal to one-half their rogue level per level and may move these from a different skill than the first 4 skill ranks were moved from and can be shifted to any other skill, be it a class skill or not.

Spell Retraining

Only characters with a limited number of spells known may retrain spells. They may retrain one spell per level up in addition to one every two levels they have in their spell casting class which may be ‘saved up’ as the character progresses. Exceptions may be made when a spell is selected that makes absolutely no sense but this is on a case-by-case basis and must be brought up shortly after learning the spell.

Level Retraining

This should be highly character motivated and may require in-game activity (in other words, not a ‘background’ change). If approved and successfully attained in-game then the character will begin exchanging class levels. Every time the character levels up they will exchange up to two levels of an undesired class to another class which they must also be progressing in with their normal level up until the desired break point where the character may begin using normal level ups for something else until the desired level exchange is made.

The character gains or loses skill points equal to the difference between the skill points gained from their old class and their new class, additional skill points being immediately spent and lost skill points being immediately subtracted. However, the character must still exchange their other skill points with normal skill retraining rules.


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