Mana Essence

Every living thing has a mana essence, it is a natural tie every entity has to Mana – be they humanoids, animals, or even plants. It is unknown whether a creatures attitudes, and tendencies create the tie between itself and a specific type of mana or if the tie with the mana creates these aspects of a beings nature, but it is beyond doubt that these things are connected in some way. This is called Attunement. A creature’s mana essence is most commonly referred to as their Color.

For most people their mana essence matters nothing to them, and all but the most educated even know nothing of it. Spellcasters and Crafters are notably some of the only beings that care about their mana essence. These beings find their magic at its peak potential in areas with a mana-dominance that matches their mana essence and they find their magic weakened in areas with a mana-dominance opposed to their mana essence. See Roleplaying your Mana Type in addition to the sub-pages under Mana for more information.

Though knowledge of mana essences is rare, those who do know of them often believe that a creature’s mana essence is what many religions refer to as a soul – their core of consciousness. The religious among these people believe that some time after a creature’s death their soul comes free and passes into an afterlife of some kind, or, according to more druidic religions, back into the World Soul of the Plane, if world souls even exist. Those less inclined to religious ideology believe the mana essence is little more than the spark of life and that it merges back into the mana of the land after a creature’s death.

Gaining a Mana Essence

Each player must choose a mana type (red, green, white, blue, or black) for their character at the beginning of character creation which will become their mana essence and represent their most innate tie to magic. This mana type must be a dominant type in the area the character grew up in or spent a significant amount of time in, as described above. The character’s mana type should be reflected in their beliefs and attitudes, though it need not be rigid adherence. For instance, a character with a Blue mana essence can still experience passion and anger, even though these are Red traits – they should simply not be defining traits of the character.

Benefits of a Mana Essence

Once a player has selected their character’s mana essence, that character gains the appropriate Attunement feat as a bonus feat.

Mana Essence

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