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Inside this wiki you can find and learn about almost everything in Creed that will be relevant to this campaign.

Please feel free to roam about and read up on anything and everything in this wiki, though I recommend you start with Creed and its place within the Planes. Variants like The Crafter System and Magical Items are notably worth reading. Keep in mind that the information in this Wiki will exceed what your character actually knows. However, rumor and myth reach all corners of the world and such whispers can be accessed through gather information, knowledge checks, mental checks, or even just being lucky and overhearing the right conversation. Concrete information on locations, races, kingdoms, etc will often require knowledge checks, though much can be considered common knowledge. These all can also be remembered with a mental check if I believe your character could have ever reasonably run across it. I also strongly recommend you look into the Magic in Creed, Materials, Items and Commodities, and items sections that will be developing as the campaign moves on.

Here you can also read about the various Races and Species that exist in the universe, with those available to play will be noted along with their statistics. You can read about the classes, guilds, religions, threats, customs and nations of Creed and the other Planes, along with the politics and economies at work across the world and Planes.

You can find information on Legends and Lore, legendary, or powerful figures. Names of and some information on NPCs important to the campaign can also be found in the Characters tab. New information on important NPCs, items, and locations will become available as the campaign progresses.

- Planeswalker

Main Page

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