Drakes are similar to dragons but smaller and less powerful. Drakes typically lack the forelimbs that dragons possess, instead simply having rear limbs and a set of wings, similar to birds and bats, though some rare exceptions exist. Their minds are also more similar to that of an animal than that of true dragons and very few drakes are capable of any form of speech, let alone magic. While most drakes are only slightly larger than a horse, there are some species that can grow to be as colossal as the largest dragon and some that never get larger than a dog. It is often theorized that drakes are either a true-breed mutation of dragons or are the ancestors of the powerful creatures, as drakes share many qualities with dragons beyond just form. It would be unwise to share such theories with a dragon, however, as many dragons consider drakes to be mockeries of their perfection and often destroy them on sight. Drakes have a unique Racial Subtype.A few examples of different drakes are below.

Wind Drake

Chasm drake

Ebon Drake

Ebon drake

Forest Drake

Forest drake

Azure Drake

Drake familiar

Scavenger Drake

Scavenger drake

Sea Drake

Sea drake

Uktabi Drake

Uktabi drake

Oak Drake

Oak drake

Stone Drake

Stone drake


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