Dance of a Hundred Cuts

Dance of a Hundred Cuts
  • Transmutation [Maneuver]
  • Level: Red 5
  • Components: -
  • Casting Time: 1 full round action
  • Range: Melee or ranged attack
  • Target: See text
  • Duration: See text

You dance across the battlefield and strike at your foes while dodging any reproach.

As part of casting this spell, you move up to your speed and make a melee or ranged attacks during that movement as-if you were taking a full-attack action. You may only target a given enemy once while performing this maneuver. Your movement taken as part of this maneuver doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity. This counts as using the Spring Attack feat for any spells or effects.

Unlike most spells, maneuver spells do not provoke attacks of opportunity when cast. Additionally, maneuver spells cannot benefit from metamagics or similar effects that would mimic a metamagic feat.

Dance of a Hundred Cuts

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