• Abjuration
  • Level: Green/White 9
  • Components: V, S
  • Casting Time: 1 standard action
  • Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
  • Area: A 20-ft.-radius burst
  • Duration: instantaneous
  • Saving Throw: No
  • Spell Resistance: No

Also known as Tranquility to some casters, this spell functions like Demystify, except that is sends waves of magic ablating energy over an area.

Serenity affects everything within a 20-foot-radius burst. For each creature in the area, this functions as a targeted Demystify, but it can dispel one spell for every five caster levels you possess, starting with the highest level spells and proceeding to lower level spells. For each object within the area that is the target of one or more spells, apply the dispel check as with creatures.

For each ongoing area or effect spell whose point of origin is within the area of the serenity spell, apply the dispel check to dispel the spell. For each ongoing spell whose area overlaps that of the serenity spell, apply the dispel check to end the effect, but only within the overlapping area.

You also have a 1% chance per caster level of destroying an Antimagic Field in serenity’s area (though you must still succeed on a dispel check against it). If the antimagic field survives, no creatures or items within it are subject to the dispelling effect of serenity.


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