Reality Maelstrom

Reality Maelstrom
  • Evocation
  • Level: Red/Green/White/Blue/Black 11
  • Components: V, S, M (a diamond dust-crusted gold loop 1 inch across worth 100 gp)
  • Casting Time: 1 standard action
  • Range: Medium (100 ft. + 10 ft./level)
  • Area: 30-ft.-radius emanation centered on a point in space, and 90-ft.-radius emanation centered on the same point; see text
  • Duration: 1 round
  • Saving Throw: Will negates, Reflex negates; see text
  • Spell Resistance: Yes

A lightning strike and a tearing sound as loud as thunder fills the area as a hole in space opens. Wind rushes into the void, and objects nearby lift into the air as everything is drawn inexorably toward the rip in reality.

You tear a temporary hole in reality itself that sucks all loose material and living creatures into it, sending them to a random other plane (reroll if you roll up the same plane, see below). Everything sucked into the reality maelstrom goes to the same plane, arriving randomly scattered about a randomly chosen planar touchstone on that plane. Unlike with most planar travel spells, Reality Maelstrom does not require a Planar Fork.

Opponents take a -2 penalty on all saving throws against this spell.

Reality maelstrom has a primary area and a secondary area. The primary area is the hole itself: a sphere with a 30-foot radius centered on the spell’s point of origin. Within that area, all unattended objects weighing 100 pounds or less are sucked into the maelstrom, as are all individuals who fail a Will saving throw.

The rip also creates a windstorm of air that affects objects and creatures in the secondary area of the spell. The secondary area is all the space farther than 30 feet from the spell’s point of origin but not farther than 60 feet away from the rip. All unattended objects within the secondary area that weigh 50 pounds or less are drawn into the primary area of the maelstrom. Individuals within the secondary area must make a Reflex saving throw. Those who fail are sucked into the primary area and must then make a Will saving throw to avoid being drawn into the maelstrom.

Individuals who succeed on either saving throw can move and attack as normal.

A reality maelstrom is a one-way portal, so nothing ever emerges from the hole the spell makes.

Random plane table in the works.

Reality Maelstrom

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