Needs Work Spells

The spells below have been reviewed and decided unfit for addition to our system. However, these spells have been recognized as being close to balanced or at least as being very good ideas. These spells below have been functionally banned, but are prime candidates to rework or base new work off of. Some spells have additionally been noted as interesting, but as needing much more work than those noted here, and have been included on the Potential Inspiration Spells page. Some comments from the original postings have been included, but are far from the final word on these spells.

  • Greater Brand – No Discussion
  • Pain Strike – No Discussion
  • Retribution – No Discussion
  • Shadow Projection – No Discussion
  • Haunting Choir – No Discussion
  • Howling Agony – No Discussion
  • Deadly Juggernaut – No Discussion
  • Transplant Visage – No Discussion
  • Heatstroke – level/save stuff problematic
  • Corruption Resistance – Might make akin to Protection from Negative Energy
  • Divine VesselSR -> SR vs Opposed Alignment, polymorph descriptor, Resistances need poking, needs better color theming in general, tag alignments, Red/White 8 or Red/Black
  • Dragon’s Breath – needs subpar damage for level, true-diverse, dragon colors need reworking
  • Fiery Body – No Discussion
  • Resounding Blow – Red 7ish, change to 1 round duration, increase damage
  • Screech – Red 3, fort partial for some distraction effect (-1 or 2 sorta thing)
  • Primal Scream – Green/White 5, add minor benefit to allies if you successfully remove enchantment or paralysis
  • Blistering Invective – Red 2, maybe should be Red 3? Maybe just should be banned?
  • Litany of Thunder – Red/Blue or Red/Black 7, a little weak
  • Archon’s Trumpet – Needs rampant changes, probably Black/? 7
  • Discovery Torch – White/Blue 3, buff it
  • Caustic Blood – find a way to make Red/Green, change damage numbers
  • Unshakable Chill – Blue 2, needs buffing to match up against Heatstroke, sorta
  • Astral Projecton – whole spell needs revamping
  • Vomit Twin – Green/Blue 4, needs heavy work, swift action to shift, move action to vomit new twin, make twin something extra. Not an immediate concern.
  • Refuge – No Discussion.
  • Moment of Prescience – No Discussion
  • Mage’s Magnificent Enclosure – No Discussion
  • Scintillating Pattern – Blue/Something?, no save seems maybe OP, creatures should only be able to be hit once, needs work
  • Transport Via Plants – Green 6, differentiate it substantially from Teleport (worse, but with some advantages)
  • Spellstaff – Green 6, just a mana-storing mechanic
  • Baleful Polymorph – will need to be poked at along with the rest of the transmutation
  • Mage’s Private Sanctum – White/Blue
  • Cacophonic Shield – Interesting mechanics, not super sure I like it though.
  • Celebration – A really interesting spell, but I seriously don’t know what to make of it. Maybe something we can actually poke at letter, maybe best just inspiration.
  • Creaking Cacophony – Like Towering Thunderhead, this needs a mechanical rework.
  • Dissonant Chord – Like Towering Thunderhead, this needs a mechanical rework.
  • Interminable Echo – Red 5, maybe better if it was changed to dealing up-front damage with the Perception penalty as a secondary, save to halve damage and reduce Perception penalty to 1 round? Change to Evocation [Sonic] and tweak flavor.
  • Resonating Agony – I want to change this spell. The flavor and concept is cool, but nauseating like this just isn’t Red’s thing.
  • Resounding Thunder
  • Dirge – Interesting spell, I’m not sure how good it is. It’s a lot of potential ability damage, but you need multiple failed saves on multiple enemies for it to pay out compared to other spells. Could be straight Black or could be Red/Black, and could be 8th or 9th level. Or maybe this is one we just rework down the road?

Ganny – Dirge: 8th level, Black. Not powerful enough to be Red/Black.

Planeswalker – Dirge gets shelved in “Needs Work” for now, hopefully we can do something more interesting with it later on.

TheBronzeGryphon: Effulgent Epuration cuts into Random Deflector territory too much, with too specific of a targeting method. I think we neither need nor want it.

TheBronzeGryphon: Having seen Undeath’s Eternal Foe in action before, I’m not sure we need a catch-all buff like that. We’ve already expanded casting to enough classes that most groups could cobble together most of these bonuses already. And an anti-life version would by necessity be MUCH more powerful since more things are alive than are undead, and undead are immune to some of the listed gained immunities anyway, so you’d have to find MORE things to add… it sounds like trouble. I’d rather just scrap both.

Planeswalker: I definitely agree with your comments here. The final version of this spell might honestly look nothing like what it does now, we might just steal the name/flavor and make a spell in-line with that, then a spell to opposite it in Black (possibly one level higher, as we’ve done on occasion). Definitely work for later.

  • Plague of Undead – Black 9, needs to have its material component cost moved back in line, might need some other adjustments because of this
  • Shadow Landscape – Green/Blue/Black 9, super cool spell, needs some work though
  • Maw of Chaos – Needs a lot of work
  • Spread of Savagery – Red/Black 9, maybe better at 10 or 11 given the area and duration, should probably have the chaotic and evil descriptor. Could use a Lawful Good White opposite.

TheBronzeGryphon: Spread of Savagery looks like a less-powerful but also less self-destructive version of what the Rage Nimbus did, without the ‘can’t die’ bits. It looks like a crazy bullshit trap, too. Even though it’s in hour/level, that’s still kind of crazy. Bumping it up a level or two might be the right decision. The opposite would be a nonviolence effect of some sort… which is almost worse, IMO. There’s no way to twist free will that hard and not have it be kinda evil.

Planeswalker: Spread of Savagery definitely needs some pokes and a bump up in level, and that’ll happen at some point down the line when we run out of low-hanging fruit. The opposite would definitely be a mass pacifism effect, like a ramped up Calm Emotions, and it’d definitely be in White’s wheelhouse, maybe White/Blue for balance’s sake. White might not be evil, but it has little trouble being tyrannical.

  • Unbinding – Red/White 9? White/Blue 9? Coloring this is tricky. An interesting spell, needs to be a dispel attempt at least and needs other poking.
  • Internal Fire – Nifty flavor, kinda a tweaked Circle of Death. Needs some mechanical reworking though.
  • Lash of Force – Red 9, interesting spell, needs some poking as it’s pretty weak right now
  • Unyielding Roots – Green 9, super cool but mechanically problematic. Should maybe just give a big bonus vs things rather than make immune? needs some cleaning up
  • Precipitate Complete Breach – Not sure if we want this, but this probably isn’t the level for it.
  • Perinarch – change to granting a bonus on Charisma checks to control areas of Limbo , coloring would be hard
  • Elemental Perinarch – change to granting a greater bonus on Limbo, and letting it work on the Elemental planes, coloring would be hard

TheBronzeGryphon: Not sure I like the Parinarch spell concept. I kind of LIKE the other planes being literally otherworldly enough that they’re hard to get control of if you don’t live there. Not just be able to cheat with magic and pretend you live there.

Planeswalker: My core idea for these was to actually change them drastically, the link provided merely so you could see the original. My idea of the base Perinarch would just be something that gave you a bonus on the Charisma check required to control Limbo, nothing extreme, I’m just having trouble coloring it. The Elemental Perinarch idea I had is more on the order of, “Take a bit of Limbo with you to the Elemental Planes” letting you warp an area on the Elemental planes and maybe the Para-Elemental planes (probably not the Quasi-Elemental planes though). The base Perinarch is pretty easy, the Elemental one will need poking at some point down the road.

Ganny: Perinarch and Elemental Perinarch: Red/Green/Blue seems like a fairly logical color set required for this, given the elemental connection

  • Abyssal Frenzy – An interesting spell, probably not something we want as-is, but not a bad idea as a base for a new combat buff
  • Befoul – Way to crazy as it is, but the idea of suddenly poisoning or diseasing a large volume of water is interesting.
  • Blackfire – I like the spreading mechanical idea of this spell, not super sure I like how it’s Con damage plus Nausea and Sickness though.

TheBronzeGryphon: Blackfire is probably OK if Fort negates the secondary effect every round, rather than reducing it, and that wonkiness with resurrection goes away. It doesn’t fit our system anyway.

  • Finding the Center – don’t like what it does, but the idea for a more powerful Aiming at the Target could definitely be a thing. Also quite like the name.
  • Flame Whips – This spell is pretty awful. What if it gave you two extra flaming tendrils that emerged from your back, like a displacer beast? Be an interesting melee buff, not sure on level.
  • Flensing – I like the idea of the spell, not super fond of the mechanics
  • Heart of Stone – I like the idea of the spell, not super fond of the mechanics

TheBronzeGryphon: IIRC Arran used Heart of Stone to good effect in the Weatherlight game. I think with some specific tweaks, it could be a great Green/Black or Green/Black/White defensive spell. I like its reduction in healing, I like the heart being vulnerable, but DR 5/- and free resistances are a little steep for that reward. Maybe less DR and a slew of bonuses against specific bodily things (poisons, fatigue, Nymphology). I would also argue for some modifications you can do in the ritual prep of the spell that make that spell harder to dispel, such as a +4 or 8 to its dispel difficulty. Because that’s a lot of irksome prep to be got rid of so lightly.

  • Iron Body – I can’t recall if we’ve discussed this spell before, but I think it might be a good base for a melee buff in the future
  • Maddening Scream – Maybe something we could do with this later, akin to Irresistable Dance
  • Megalodon Empowerment – A cool spell, not something we want as-is, but not a bad idea as a base for a new combat buff
  • Minute Form
  • Skeletal Guard – Black 8, maybe something better to do with this as it’s pretty bad right now
  • Spread of Contentment – this would be the opposite to the Spread of Savagery we looked at last time, the two will have to be built together
  • Storm of Elemental Fury – something worth looking at for building Storm of Vengeance
  • Mysterious Redirection – We’ve poked at this spell before and I remain mixed on it. If we changed it to “If no eligible target exists, the attack cannot be deflected” I think I’d be alright with it. We could maybe also look to change it to a Standard action cast. Thoughts on this? Ganny: Maybe just something to work on later, given complexity.

TheBronzeGryphon: I still don’t like Mysterious Redirection much but I see it as being helpful in combination with Random Deflector for mages. And it DOES have its limits, and DOES offer a will save. I just think it’s wonky, even for a Blue spell. It has a place in our system but that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

  • Illusion Purge – Interesting spell, do we want something like this? Might want a material component, or maybe a smaller duration. Probably White/Blue if we want this.

Ganny: We probably shouldn’t have a spell that shuts down an entire school of magic in an AoE – imagine something that shut down all Conjuration spells in the area. No thanks.

TheBronzeGryphon: Illusion Purge is basically a much greater Invisibility Purge at a higher level, so… I like it. Like a bubble of True Seeing. Granted, you’re not wrong about “make an area where X school of magic is rendered null” so, not sure if it’s balanced. I’d suggest a tweak to it: Instead of it being a bubble that negates all effects in the area, make it 1 creature per X caster level (I suggest 1 per 3 including the caster) no 2 of which can be further than 30 feet apart when it’s cast, then so long as THEY remain in the bubble you generate, they effectively gain True Seeing within the bubble. But must remain in that bubble. And people looking in from outside who weren’t part of the initial casting would gain no benefit from the spell.

Planeswalker: I think for now we’ll sideline Mysterious Redirection and Illusion Purge, as both of those obviously need some careful tweaking.

  • Amber Sarcophagus – I like the idea of something like this, if not necessarily the execution, especially if we could somehow put this sort of mechanic into something like Green/White as a “nonlethal capture” spell.

Ganny: What if it functioned similar to Icy Prison in terms of mechanics? That might fix it.

TheBronzeGryphon: We should put Amber Sarcophagus in Chronomancy because reasons. :3

  • Arrow of Bone – I like the name and flavor, maybe make a different version of this into a Swift cast spell like other arrow spells?

Ganny: Swift cast save or die? As a ranged attack? No please.

Planeswalker: Hah, no, like I said, I just like the name and flavor, not the mechanics

TheBronzeGryphon: Arrow of Bone could function like Disintegrate; instead of instant death, on a failed save do extra damage and inflict a Strength penalty as it inflicts hairline fractures all over the target’s skeletal structure. Something like that, maybe. I always dislike insta-death mechanics. I suggest combining Fleshiver and Arrow of Bone since they share similar mechanics.

  • Barghest’s Feast like the name and flavor, maybe make a different version of this into a Swift cast spell like other arrow spells?

Ganny: Preventing resurrection magics should be a part of the system, so something akin to how Nondetection works against scrying attempts?

Ganny: Maybe if the caster took some con damage too? Then it could be Red/Black. Then just drop the con damage down to 1d6, save for half. Dangerous, but not ugh amounts.

  • Choking Cobwebs – interesting spell, don’t really love the “stacking area” mechanics

Ganny: Meh. Pass.

  • Death Dragon – I think we could pretty easily turn this into a cool melee buff for Black

TheBronzeGryphon: I’ve always liked Death Dragon but have disagreed with it having the Evil descriptor. Run through it real quick: No evil components. Deflection, not evil. Natural attacks, not evil. Inflict Critical Wounds, not evil. Fear, not evil. I’d consider picking this up with Reikhardt if it didn’t have the Evil descriptor.

  • Decapitating Scarf – Could be an interesting spell, but should just do damage (maybe plus some other effect, like bleed damage), and then decapitate if the damage was sufficient to kill the creature. Definitely Red, maybe Red or Green, maybe Green/Red, depending on how we built it
  • Evil Glare – I like this idea, I don’t like it paralyzing, but I think we could find something else strong but not busted that’d work here
  • Explosive Pinecone – this is pretty amazing, but I don’t really love the duration on this thing
  • Ghost Trap – The idea of affecting incorporeal creatures in some area is interesting, but these mechanics definitely don’t work
  • Giant Size – same comment as Minute Form, I think we should eventually have a spell that increases your size category by more than 1. These spells might want to be polymorph spells.
  • Fiendish Clarity – This could be a decent Blue/Black spell, though I think it would need to be 1 minute/level in comparison to Eyes of the Void. Problem is, I’d want an opposite for Good, and I’m not finding a good way to opposite it.
  • Glorious Master of the Elements – Interesting spell, but weak but versatile, but probably too weak. I’d like to see this improved a bit.
  • Great Worm of the Earth – Be a cool idea, needs some work
  • Hiss of Sleep – Not exactly sure we want this, but a more powerful sleep spell should probably be made at some point.
  • Holy Star – Unique mechanics, not sure on this balance
  • Lesser Ironguard and Ironguard – Both need tweaking to reflect how we’ve altered immunities.

Ganny: How would it effect an individual wearing metal? Would it simply fall off the individual, or would it only be new metal, attempting to strike the individual, that would be affected by this spell? The former makes this /not/ a harmless spell, the latter makes this a rather interesting general buff.

Planeswalker: Based on the way the spell reads, I’d say your relevant armor/weapons/etc would fall off. Obviously less of an issue for Lesser Ironguard, but definitely a problem for Ironguard. We could make this Personal, that might be the safest tweak. We probably also need to limit the distance you can pass through objects (maybe 5 ft, like incorporeal rules). It shouldn’t be an immunity, but rather…I dunno, something else. There’s a reason I put this in “Needs work later”.

  • Mark of the Unfaithful – could be tweaked into an interesting spell
  • Emerald Flame Fist – Maybe something we could tweak this into
  • Miasma of Entropy – I actually like the Planar Handbook version more than the Spell Compendium version. Needs cleaner mechanics.
  • Shield of the Archons – A shield that helps maybe give you some measure of protection against spells (maybe a higher touch AC, maybe concealment) would be interesting, I like the “cover vs AoE” mechanic
  • Soul Link – A slight tweak on this might make a very interesting spell
  • Sword of Darkness – Not fond of the negative level idea, but a blade made of negative energy is interesting. If we made it a negative energy version of Mage’s Sword that only hurt living creature and provided some minor benefit to undead, could be balanced fine. An opposite for positive energy could be interesting. Might also be worth making something other than sword, just for diversity’s sake?
  • Withering Palm – I could see this as some sort of penalty or something like that
  • Adept Spirit and Mass Adept Spirit – Interesting idea, would need a flavor tweak, might be able to tweak this into something a little bit more balanced

TheBronzeGryphon: I oppose “Magic that gives you more magic” such as Adept Spirit and greater, unless they came with a strict requirement.

  • Animal Spirit and Mass Animal Spirit – Interesting idea, would need a flavor tweak, might be able to tweak this into something a little bit more balanced

TheBronzeGryphon: Make Animal Spirit a 3rd level spell and it’s entirely OK by me, nudge the adjustment for mass as well.

  • Ashen Union – if this did something other than kill might be interesting, maybe like “If at or below 50% hit points”

TheBronzeGryphon: Agreed. For Ashen Union, change target to “A creature that is Bloodied” (i.e. 50% HP), remove the “die” effect and call it Absorb Blood as it absorbs the blood of a wounded creature, causing further damage. Make the material component ‘A sterile bandage dirtied by volcanic ash’ and put it in Red, and it works OK so far as I’m concerned.

  • Bolt of Glory – A bolt of positive energy that also hurts evil outsiders is an interesting idea, obviously would need an opposite in Black. Needs better balancing

TheBronzeGryphon: Make both Bolt of Glory and its counterpart ONLY affect creatures from the opposite (lands of light and shadow) and it’s probably fine.

  • Bones of the Earth – if this did a bit more damage if you slam into something, had DCs leashed to the save DC, and had a duration on the pillars, this could be a nifty spell
  • Cloak of the Sea – we might be able to do something with this if it lasted more like 1 minute per level. Maybe change Freedom of Movement to being a swim speed to keep it pure Blue.

TheBronzeGryphon: Cloak of the Sea is probably OK if you remove the Blur effect, put it at 10min/level, and remove immunity to nonlethal. Stays at 6th level.

  • Cometfall – I want to make this a much higher level (like, 10 or 11) Red or maybe Red/Green spell at some point, make it awesome

TheBronzeGryphon: Can we base Cometfall on total vertical distance with a cap and a restriction on closed (i.e. where comets can’t hit) spaces? I’ve loved the spell since Arran began using it as his robot druid, and think it needs added to our system.

TheBronzeGryphon: I do think we need a repertoire of Dreambound spells, though I’m not sure Dream Casting and Temporal (Editor’s Note: I think he meant Endless – Ganny) Slumber are where it’s at. Relegate these to specialty magics we haven’t talked about yet but need to be added.

  • Enveloping Cocoon – The base is probably fine, the “tie a spell to this” needs some tweaking

TheBronzeGryphon: Enveloping Cocoon needs a cap on the ‘attach spell’ mechanic, but I think said mechanic should stay since it’s really nifty, otherwise it’s just slow-duration Heal with an incapacitation downside.

  • Fleshshiver – I like the flavor and some of the mechanics, definitely needs tweaks though

TheBronzeGryphon: I suggest combining Fleshiver and Arrow of Bone since they share similar mechanics.

  • Ghorus Toth’s Magnetism – I like the idea, mechanics need a lot of works
  • Ghoul Gauntlet – Cool and very creepy spell, needs to not let you make free ghouls though, what kills it needs some tweaking, probably best if it was a Permanent duration Curse.
  • Glimpse of the Prophecy – Definitely something we could do with this

TheBronzeGryphon: Kill Glimpse of the Prophecy as it does little that our current list does not. With its name it should counter insight or divination bonuses but is currently shit.

  • Hide the Path – I like this, but we very carefully need to compare this to other anti-divination spells. It might be best if this just hit spells that let you figure out direction or things like that.
  • Howling Chain – Change this to be like the Hand spells and it’s probably fine, will need to carefully figure that out though.
  • Hungry Gizzard – Cool spell, needs to be compared to Grasping/Crushing Hand
  • Illusory Pit – A very powerful spell, needs work to balance it

TheBronzeGryphon: I don’t think we need Illusory Pit as it does little that can’t be accomplished via other spells.

  • Imperious Glare – Would need to be carefully compared to similar fear effects, should probably only work with natural fear effects.
  • Mudslide – this either needs to be tweaked or needs a small material component
  • Overwhelming Revelations – The idea of a confusion effect with a Wisdom penalty seems pretty solid, but this would need careful balancing
  • Phantasmal Disorientation – Interesting and unique effect, but kinda weak overall
  • Primal Speed – Might be cool to make an similar set of spells like the Elemental Hearts

TheBronzeGryphon: Digging into making a set of Primal spells seems unnecessary, even for Green, which embodies the ‘fierce nature’ aspect of spellcasting. It’s just half of haste plus a reflex save bonus of a shitty type. Pass.

TheBronzeGryphon: AOE Bull Rush with given “caster level and stat mod” mechanics would be good for Rejection IMO.

  • Superior Resistance – Not a fan of this given comparable spells, but us adding a resistance spell like Shield of Faith and maybe a similar Mass version might be a good idea.
  • Revenance – Making this a White/Black spell that turned a recently-dead ally into a temporary undead might be really interesting and definitely in-flavor

TheBronzeGryphon: As funny as Revenance is and its Revivify corollary was in 3.5, if death is gonna be a big deal, we can’t allow this. Even as a “create undead of the person who just died” it’s wayyyyy too complex to encompass with a mere 4th level spell when Raise Dead and even Create Undead are higher-level spells.

  • Rusting Fog – If we made it so that this rust couldn’t total destroy an item, but could reduce it to 1 hp and “worthless”, much like how we changed Rusting Grasp, we could probably make this pretty decent

TheBronzeGryphon: I’d suggest different effects for magical v nonmagical metal objects, as well as the above suggested changes for Rusting Fog.

  • Sandstorm – could be cool to tweak this into a more balanced spell, probably like a greater Control Winds
  • Smokey Confinement – as a greater sequester, this could be pretty cool
  • Spiritual Guardian – This could probably be reworked into a pretty cool spell, I like the flavor and the core idea of the mechanics
  • Spore Cloak – Too much Con damage potential as it is, but the core idea of this is solid
  • Starmantle – Crazy busted, but I like the flavor. We could rework this into something that gave DR/Magic (maybe like stoneskin) and maybe some other lesser defense vs magic weapon.
  • Stone Metamorphosis – If we made it so that you’d need to provide the GP value difference, this might be fine
  • Greater Stone Metamorphosis – If we made it so that you’d need to provide the GP value difference, this might be fine
  • Sun Scepter – I like the flavor and some of the elements at play, need to compare it very carefully though
  • Suppress Glyph – I’m wary of this, given the cost of Glyphs, but we could probably turn this into something balanced
  • Sympathetic Vibration – I know we didn’t approve this spell when we first went through base spells, might be worth figuring out
  • Thousand Need;es – Interesting spell, pretty bad but might be able to be something
  • Vengeance Halo – “Do X on Death” spells definitely have their place, not sure if this is how we want to build them though

TheBronzeGryphon: I find Vengeance Halo fascinating as-is, perhaps with a note of Evasion specifically not applying, though I’d suggest a component of “target must refrain from all acts of violence for a week” more appropriate for such a focused spell. Save up that vengeance, baby. You’re gonna need it…

  • Weight of Sin – Might be cooler as a higher level AoE sorta spell, maybe centered on you like a “greater”/alternate Word of X. Might need to be Red/White/Black given the list of effects, definitely need tweaking either way.
  • Wooden Blight – Interesting twist on Flesh to Stone, definitely needs to be carefully balanced though.
  • Enhance Wild Shape – Cool idea, will need to get poked at after we develop the transmutation spells

Ganny: I can already tell you, knowing how Wild Shape works in Pathfinder, we’re going to have to get rid of the first two items on that list. The others are probably ok? I mean, we could increase the bonuses to +4 to a physical stat to make up for the loss of versatility.

  • Wood Rot – Cool idea, basically the wood opposite to rusting grasp, need to figure out the mechanics to make it work as such.
  • Animate Snow – Blue, need to compare this very carefully to Animate Objects. Also there needs to be some work down to the target/creation relationship – it’s currently creating objects bigger than the snow it’s starting with and that’s a problem
  • Boreal Wind – Blue. Nifty idea, we’ve actually got an Air spell that works similarly, but man is that too much damage. I’d say look at the spell we already have, make an upward tweak from there.
  • Brumal Stiffening – Be better to target an object in general, then have the specific note of “if used as a weapon”, should definitely have a Green version, needs to be compared to similar spells already existing to figure out targeting
  • Call Avalanche – Making a spell that buries people is a cool idea, but this definitely isn’t what a balanced version of that looks like
  • Column of Ice – Pretty sure we have another spell that does something similar, needs to be compared to that, and definitely needs a duration other than permanent.

Ganny: You’re thinking of Ice Spears. Honestly, I’d use Ice Spears instead of this. I don’t think we need it.

  • Control Temperature – Red or Blue, Red for hotter, Blue for colder, probably needs to scale temperatures more slowly (need to look at the temperature effects to balance that).
  • Dispel Water – Red. That is a /lot/ of water to destroy. I like the idea though, maybe something for later.
  • Ease of Breath – Way too powerful for a 1st level spell, especially at that duraton, but I’d like a spell like this.
  • Lesser Frostburn , Frostburn , Mass Frostburn – We need some frostburn spells, but these aren’t super great. Shouldn’t heal cold creatures. We might reference some dessication spells.
  • Fimbulwinter – Green/Blue 8. This is pretty crazy powerful weather control, but I like the idea of having something like this. We’d need something like this for for Red as well. Should almost definitely have a much smaller area.
  • Obedient Avalance – I like that it has secondary effects, but it does a lot of damage for all the secondary effects. It’ll need to be balanced carefully.
  • Bleed – Interesting spell, some variant of this might be usable, like “First time per round damaged while active the target must make a Fortitude save or take some Con damage”
  • Bolts of Bedevilment – Interesting idea. Would need to be very carefully compared to other spells. This might need to say “A creature that has failed a save against this spell cannot be affected by further rays from the same casting”
  • Channeled Lifetheft – The damage is underwhelming but if we leave this at no save vs the fatigue/exhaustion (which, at this level, is probably fine), this spell seems alright, though the 2 rounds hold is pretty bad, and the swift version might actually be a bit overpowered. Definitely needs work.
  • Coat of Arms – Interesting spell, this would have to be Red/White given it does Force damage and uses Force defensively. It could give a 2 higher shield bonus than currently possible and the advantage of launching them isn’t good enough to really ever use them, so I’m a little worried this really just would read “Greater Shield”. Might want to change it to be a rounds/level spell, but tweak the launching shard mechanic
  • Darts of Life – Interesting mechanics, it would need to be carefully compared to other healing spells and would obviously need a negative energy opposite
  • Death Throes – The most core “it explodes when it dies” spell, which is actually pretty bad at 1 round/level and Personal. Going to need some careful work.
  • Dragon Breath – Maybe something we could do with this
  • Druid Grove – It’s like…a tree version of Contingency. I think this might be able to be a thing with similar pokes to what we did for Contingency, though probably a much smaller material component (given, you know, tree).
  • Earth Reaver – Really cool idea, but the damage and effects need a bit of poking
  • Field of Resistance – I like this effect, maybe just at a higher level?
  • Fire and Brimstone – Might be fine as an acid spell, need to be carefully compared as it’s probably underpowered as-is. Maybe if it save reduced sickened to 1 round.
  • Fracturing Weapon – A swift cast spell that temporarily (maybe with a save to reduce to 1 round) reduced DR vs Magic, piercing, slashing, bludgeoning, or a non-magical metal, that could be cool
  • Gelid Blood – Make pure Black, compare carefully to already existing debuffs
  • Graymantle – Could be a cool effect, though should only prevent the healing of regeneration. I know we have similar effects, would need to be carefully compared.
  • Haunt Shift – Cool idea, turn a spectral undead into a haunt, I like it. It’d need to be carefully built with Pathfinder’s Haunt rules
  • Hibernate – Could be really cool, need to compare carefully to Sequester and other similar effects
  • Ice Shield – I’m not sure on this spell’s balance, but it’s an interesting trade off. Not sure on Red or Blue getting DR like this though. Maybe something we could do here though.
  • Illusory Feast – Another spell we’d need to be very careful with. If they got new saves every round, this might be alright.
  • Improvisation – Definitely would like to have more luck spells for Red kicking around, though this spell is almost certainly overpowered
  • Incarnum Weapon – Interesting spell, might be fine, we’d need to compare it carefully to the other swords
  • Incite Riot – I know we have similar effects, though this one does uniquely make them attempt to melee
  • Inferno – My thought for this would be to make it “Deals 6d6 to the target creature, adjacent creatures take the same but can Reflex for half. Main creature then makes a Reflex save or catches fire, on fail catches fire and takes the decreasing damage every turn and making adjacent creatures make a Reflex save for half every turn”, would need to be very carefully compared to other AoEs
  • Jumpgout – Interesting idea, I like the chaotic element of this spell, but it’s pretty underwhelming as it is. If it lasted for more turns it could be really interesting, would need to be carefully compared though.
  • Lord of the Sky – We’ll need to compare this to the other storm flight spell we have and the 1/2 move speed would probably need a save
  • Memory Rot – Not a bad idea, but I’m wary of this hitting Int. If this hit Wisdom it might be alright? Black definitely needs some effects like this, but we have to be very careful with how we introduce it.
  • Mordenkainen’s Private Sanctum – I think we’ve got this spell in another “needs work” list somewhere else, but just in case we don’t I’m listing it here again.
  • Night’s Caress – Another in the list of spells Black needs some of, but, again, we have to be very careful with how we introduce it.
  • Nightstalker’s Transformation – A pretty decent opposite to Transformation, but that spell also probably needs some work
  • Psychic Turmoil – An AoE spellcrash over time could be interesting, but would have to be carefully balanced. Or maybe something that was AoE draining small amounts of mana to do something, kinda of like a less busted version of transmutation field? Also, love the material component paired with the name given our system’s origin.
  • Refusal – Cool idea, but probably way more powerful given our setting. We could probably find some way to make this work.
  • Sakkratar’s Triple Strike – Man this spell is busted good, but it might work well as some sort of epic buff
  • Phantom Guardians – Cool spell, we’ll have to compare it to other existing illusions very carefully
  • Shadow Guardians – Cool spell, we’ll have to compare it very carefully to other effects
  • Shape Metal – Could be interesting, though we’d have to be very careful with it.
  • Sleep Mote – Cool idea for a sleep spell, has some serious issues compared to other sleep spells
  • Sonic Shield – Cool spell, can’t tell if it’s too powerful or not powerful enough, be tricky to balance right
  • Soul Scour – Again, another of the type of spells Black needs, just need to carefully balance it
  • Spear of Valarian – Cool name, some fun flavor, might make a good spell kind of like how we tweaked Brilliant Blade
  • Spiritwall – Really powerful but probably could be balanced
  • Stalwart Pact – Maybe build this like an alternate to Primal Trigger
  • Stone Sphere – if we tweaked this in relation to Greater Flaming Sphere we could probably make this work
  • Stone Storm – Need to compare carefully to ash storm and hail storm
  • Stop Heart – Be cool to have a spell that stops a creature’s heart, need to balance it carefully against some other “kill” spells, like Suffocation
  • Summoning Wind – I like the idea, but we have to balance it against Sending and Whispering Wind
  • Surefooted Stride and Mass Surefooted Stride – We need spells to interact with difficult terrain, just not sure this is it. Also, not sure we should ever have a mass version of a personal spell.
  • Surge of Fortune – Man, this basically reads “Luck Bonus: The spell”. That said, its probably could be balanced, especially if we change the last bit to maybe just a big luck bonus.
  • Touch of Vecna – If the paralysis was something else, maybe daze for 1d6 rounds, the other aspects of the spell could probably be buffed a bit and the spell would be fine
  • Wall of Coldfire – Could make this and a dessicating wall, could be interesting
  • Wall of Ooze – Really cool idea for a spell, definitely can’t have it paralyzing though
  • Wall of Sand – Kind of a tweaked Wall of Thorns, need to compare them carefully
  • Wrack – Need to be carefully balanced against other effects
  • Zone of Respite – Should be carefully compared to similar dimensional travel blocking spells
  • Aligned Aura – Interesting effect, would need careful balancing
  • Amored Vermin – Might be cool if this actually gave vermin an armor bonus but with armor-like penalties
  • Aspect of the Werebeast – Might be cool to work into something like a greater greater animal aspect
  • Assay Spell Resistance – A spell that gave you some bonus vs a creature’s SR might work well, definitely can’t be this strong though
  • Aura of the Sun – I like the mechanics of this spell, should hit darkness not shadow spells, needs to be balanced against other light spells and will definitely need a darkness opposite.
  • Backlash – Cool idea, definitely needs to have better payout.
  • Beast Claws – We’ve got some other spells that do similar things, though they usually also do other stuff, would need to compare this one carefully and it probably needs a shorter duration.
  • Bloodstar – Cool spell, needs to be balanced carefully
  • Bolster Aura – Interesting idea for a spell, should maybe have a Will save to recognize the aura of false? Or maybe offer a check of some kind, sort of like some other aura-altering spells do? Something worth poking at.
  • Call of Stone – I know we have a similar effect, might be worth comparing them
  • Castigate – Could be a cool Red/White/Black spell, maybe with some secondary effect or something like that and maybe more damage
  • Caustic Mire – We do need more spells like this, but I’d kind of like to see it being in Red (I believe we have a somewhat similar Cold spell)
  • Chain of Eyes – Super cool idea for a spell, we’d need to compare it to some other similar spells very carefully
  • Choir – Really cool idea for a spell, but it’s definitely not good enough as it is
  • Contagious Touch – Interesting effect, not great though, but I’m not sure how it needs to be balanced compared to Contagion
  • Control Currents – Need to check out how the swim checks work in relation to speed to figure out how this spell balances out
  • Desert Diversion – Really interesting idea for redirecting teleportation
  • Dust to Dust – A White spell that just did good damage to an Undead and could completely destroy them if they die might be interesting, but would need to be carefully balanced.
  • Ebon Ray of Doom – I think we have an incredibly similar spell somewhere, would need to be compared.
  • Elemental Ward – An Antiplant Shell but for Elementals but for elementals could be interesting
  • Explosive Rune Field – I’d like this to be force damage, and I like the idea of it “pulsing” like we had it do, but we’ll need to carefully balance that, however we introduce it
  • Fang Trap – Cool idea, make this more like a bear trap (CMB to grapple and hold in place) and it’d probably work well, coloring it might be tricky. Could maybe have a force and physical one for Red or Green respectively
  • Fell the Greatest Foe – An effect like this might be interesting, but we’d need to be very careful in how we balance it
  • Forceward – Probably something we want to do in some way, just be tricky to figure out how to do it right. Maybe an AoE SR sort of thing
  • Friendly Fire – A more limited Shunt could be interesting, but it’d be pretty hard to balance
  • Guardian Spirit – Interesting idea, maybe we could make this a thing
  • Healing Spirit – Interesting, hard to tell if this is good or awful, I’d lean towards the latter
  • Heart Ripper – Cool spell, be tricky to figure out at what point we can reintroduce “Save or die” effects, or if we even want to. Could just make it like a greater “Finger of death”
  • Horrid Sickness – Would really have to be compared to our other nauseating spells
  • Infernal Wound – Cool flavor, interesting idea, definitely too weak though
  • Irresistible Force – Really should be “Unstoppable Force”. Interesting Idea, but would need careful balancing
  • Melf’s Slumber Arrows – Super cool spell, needs to be balanced against other sleep spells. Might be better formatted like the other swift-cast arrow spells
  • Greater Mirror Image – Cool ideas, not thrilled about the immediate cast.
  • Murderous Mist – Cool idea to make blinding steam, would need to be balanced carefully though
  • Negative Energy Aura and Positive Energy Aura – The aoe fast healing/damage would need to be carefully balanced
  • Master Cavalier – I really like the core of this spell, the bonus/duration is just definitely too high. Need to find a way to balance it.
  • Poison Needles – Really cool idea for a spell, currently awful though
  • Primal Senses – Be cool to do something with the primal spells
  • Psychic Poison – I’d definitely like to introduce a Contagion-like effect, but for mental stats. We do have to be incredibly wary of anything that does Int damage though.
  • Greater Resistance – I think I’ve said this before, but a Resistance version of Shield of Faith would probably be a solid spell
  • Resonating Resistance – Cool idea, we could probably make this work at a higher level
  • Serpent Arrow – Might be awesome to turn this into another swift-cast arrow spell
  • Soulbleed – I really like this as a Red/Black spell, especially with the drawback, but it’ll definitely need work
  • Thunderlance – Nifty spell ideas, definitely needs work though
  • Touch of Years – Interesting ideas, needs to be balanced super carefully
  • Unmovable Object – Another cool idea, but would need some heavy tweaking
  • Venom Bolt – I really like the flavor, but the mechanics definitely aren’t right
  • Wall of Bones – I’d like to have a spell like this, though this spell is pretty weak
  • Earthbind and Wingbind – Both need to be carefully poked at Abolish Shadows – Cool idea, but would probably need a light opposite and that’d be problematic
  • Absorb Weapon – I know we have a couple very similar effects, would need to be carefully compared
  • Alter Fortune – Something like this might be interesting, this probably isn’t it
  • Analyze Portal – Something like this might be good to have, not super in love with the mechanics as-presented
  • Angelskin and Demonhide – The DR by alignment’s an interesting idea, maybe something we could do with that
  • Animate Fire – Cool idea, not great, maybe better if it was 1 min/level? Would need to be compared to other summons
  • Arms of Plenty and Evard’s Menacing Tentacles and Girallon’s Blessing – Wary of introducing more “extra natural attacks” spells into the game, but there’s probably a way or level that this is balanced
  • Bands of Steel – “Immobilized” isn’t super well defined, would need to be balanced against other entangling effects
  • Battlemagic Perception – A spell like this might be interesting, as a counter to the still/silent enchanter, but the duration should probably be lesser, maybe be harder to identify spells you couldn’t otherwise see, and the counterspell element definitely doesn’t work
  • Bedevil – Nifty idea, but needs some mechanical poking. Probably better as a Curse, but probably needs a save.
  • Blade of Pain and Fear – Almost certain we’ve looked at this before. This might work as Red/Black spell or something, would need to be carefully compared to Flame Blade
  • Body Blaze – I know we have a similar spell, maybe look at this as a “greater” version, maybe at a higher level with tweaked mechanics
  • Brittleskin – If this had a cap it would probably be fine, just need to figure out what that cap would be
  • Channeled Divine Shield – Cool idea, effect definitely isn’t scaling right (an entire extra turn for just +2 DR? Pass.)
  • Circle Dance – Would need to be compared to other divination effects that target creatures
  • Clutch of Orcus – Would need to be compared to other divination effects that target creatures
  • Cone of Dimness – Nifty idea, not super sure on the mechanics
  • Contagious Fog – Cool idea, needs to be balanced against Mass Contagion
  • Control Sand and Control Snow and Ice – Both will need to be balanced against however we tweak Control Water
  • Crown of Clarity , Crown of Might , Crown of Smiting , Crown of the Grave and Crown of the Veils – We’ll need to carefully poke at these spells to balance them given their requirements and mechanics.
  • Curse of Arrow Attraction – Might be interesting if this sort of worked like the armor property somehow
  • Deceptive Facade – Non-personal disguise self seems solid, the ability to disguise objects will have to be balanced against some other spells we’ve poked at
  • Dirge of Discord – Interesting, need to balance carefully against other effects
  • Greater Disrupt Undead – I like the idea of a greater version of the cantrip, but I’m not super fond of this spell
  • Easy Climb – Need to compare to other climbing spells, but it’s probably fine
  • Ectoplasmic Web – I like the idea of a web that also affects incorporeal creatures, we’ll need to carefully figure out the approriate level though
  • Eyes of the Zombie – Cool spell, needs to be carefully compared to some other similar spells
  • Greenfire – Kind of an acid tweak on Firestorm. I’d like to see this worked out, as I’d like to get the “doesn’t hurt plants” thing back for druids
  • Hood of the Cobra – This being an actual transmutation might be more interesting than it being an illusion
  • Insignia of Blessing , Insignia of Healing , Insignia of Warding – Nifty spells, but we’ll have to carefully balance them to add them in
  • Know Bloodline – I know there’s another spell out there that does something similar, would want to compare the two
  • Laeral’s Silver Lance – Would need to be compared carefully to other similar spells
  • Love’s Lament – Mechanics are interesting but would need to be carefully compared, flavor feels off
  • Loyal Vassal – Interesting, would need to be carefully compared, probably shouldn’t be a sacred bonus
  • Magnetism – I know we have similar disarm spells, need to compare, and I’m not super thrilled with its ability to move even crazy heavy objects
  • Mark of Doom – if this only happened 1/turn it might be balanced? Would need to be compared to other spells. Might want to change flavor and move away from the alignment aspect
  • Masochism – If this had a reasonable cap, was a Profane bonus, and gave a penalty to the character in rounds they didn’t take damage, and maybe gave them a lust to do things that would put them in harm way, it might be a real spell
  • Melf’s Unicorn Arrow – We’ve got a spell sort of like this, need to be compared, though I do kinda like the flavor here. The mechanics and the flavor might go different directions.
  • Mesmerizing Glare – Need to compare to other fascination effects
  • Miser’s Envy – We have a similar spell in Red, be worth comparing them
  • Moon Blade – Nifty, damage would need to be scaled in relation to similar “weapon” spells, and the Concentration effect is almost certainly too nasty
  • Nature’s Balance – There might be some way to balance this, maybe tweak the bonus type it gives
  • Nature’s Purity – Nifty idea, would need tweaks
  • Nauseating Breath – I think we have similar spells? Worth comparing
  • Phantasmal Decoy – Interesting idea, mechanics are kind of off though
  • Power Word Maladroit and Power Word Weaken – Both need some tweaks. Interesting idea, mechanics seem a bit off. Maybe at a higher level with a little bit more punch behind it?
  • Primal Instinct – Be fun to do something with the Primal spells
  • Prismatic Mist – Interesting, maybe something we could poke at later on
  • Puppeteer – Creepy spell, would need to balance this against the domination spells
  • Quillfire – Will need to be carefully compared to other similar spells
  • Regroup – Nifty effect, would need to be carefully compared to other similar spells
  • Repelling Shield – Cool idea, might be a bit tricky to balance
  • Sadism – If this had a reasonable cap, was a Profane bonus, and gave a penalty to the character in rounds they didn’t deal damage, and maybe gave them a lust to hurt other creatures, it might be a real spell
  • Safe Clearing – Interesting, I like the idea but this’d be hard to balance right
  • Safety – Interesting idea, would need some setting-appropriate work
  • Scattering Trap – Nifty idea, might need some poking
  • Shield of Warding – I’d like some more short duration AC buffs, to kind of opposite things like Divine Power and the like. If this only worked on a carried shield (ie, no bucklers), maybe granted some other benefit (maybe loose the boost on Reflex saves, focus on AC/DR/Temp HP sorta stuff), maybe we could make it good enough to be 1 round/CL.
  • Soldiers of Sanctity – Really cool base we could use for some Green/White Community effects
  • Mass Snake’s Swiftness – The single target is interesting, this is just kinda meh. Maybe it could do something else?
  • Steam Breath – I’d like some more steam effects, as like [fire, water] spells, but they need to do something more interesting than just Fire damage
  • Steeldance – Interesting idea, maybe something we can do with this
  • Telepathy Tap – I feel like we’ve poked at this before? Either way, something like this would be good
  • Thin Air – Interesting idea, but I’m not a big fan of the mechanics at-hand
  • Unicorn Horn – Be cool to do something with the Unicorn spells down the line
  • Unliving Weapon – Another of the “Vengeance” sort of spells we’ve looked at before
  • :Vertigo Field – Cool ideas here, not sure on balance
  • Winding Alleys – change to dazed. Kinda weak, but nasty. Need to compared to other similar effects, might be better at 2nd
  • Arcane Turmoil – Nifty idea, would need a higher level and spell loss would need tweaking. Maybe a high level mix of dispel and spell crash
  • Ashstar – Mechanics and level will need poking, but I definitely want an effect like this for Red
  • Balancing Lorecall – Cool effect, kind of shit compared to Water Walking, maybe something we could do with this though
  • Bigby’s Slapping Hand – Needs to be something other than a Concentration check
  • Black Karma Curse – Needs to be compared to some other compulsion spells. Might be fine. Probably needs a new name. I could also see something like this in White/Black that made a creature hurt themselves when they attacked.
  • Blade of Fire – Worth comparing to some other spells
  • Body Ward and Soul Ward – Something like this might be good, but we’ll have to be extremely careful with how we add it
  • Catapult – Need to be carefully compared
  • Claws of Darkness – Interesting idea, maybe some way to make something like this work
  • Cloudburst – Worth comparing to some other similar spells
  • Conduit of Life – There’s probably a way we could make something like this work, need to be compared to other healing effects
  • Create Magic Tattoo – I really like the idea of magic tattoos, but this spell definitely needs a lot of work
  • Dance of Ruin – I’d like to make this Red/Black, needs comparing and heavy tweaks, such a nifty spell
  • Divine Protection – Strong as these are rare buffs, would need comparing to other spells
  • Dragoneye Rune
  • Earthbind – Needs to be carefully compared
  • Elation to be carefully compared, but I think this could be good
  • Elemental Dart – Super busted right now, needs to be compared to similar spells
  • Entangling Scarf – Cool but kinda weak, needs to be compared
  • False Peacebond – Cool idea, needs to have some special protection to make it look like a normal peacebond
  • Fatal Flame – Another vengeance effect, needs to be poked along with the others
  • Fearsome Grapple – I know we’ve looked at this before. Some spells that give bonuses to or otherwise interact with specific combat maneuvers would be cool to have. Need to be compared to effects that just give bonus to-hit.
  • Flash-freeze – Cool idea, probably some way to balance this
  • Fortissimo – Interesting idea, might be worth poking at
  • Healing Lorecall – Awesome idea, probably way overpowered right now, needs careful comparison and some heavy tweaks.
  • Insidious Insight – At a lesser bonus and a lesser duration this would probably be fine, needs to be carefully compared
  • Insight of Good Fortune – Would need to be carefully compared, but this might be perfectly fine
  • Locate Touchstone – Might be interesting to balance against Discern Location
  • Magical Backlash – Interesting, I know we have a better one we’re looking at/maybe have approved by now, but this “damage based on level” element is interesting, and I’d like more effects like this
  • Mask of the Ideal – Need to carefully compare this to other similar spells. Maybe if it had a shorter duration, and/or other creatures can make a Will save if they interact with it to instead have it grant a penalty
  • Mountain Stance – Cool idea, I know we have something similar, needs to be compared and heavy balancing
  • Near Horizon – Needs heavy tweaking, maybe if it just reduced the ranged penalties of your next attack, in comparison to Sure Strike
  • Nybor’s Gentle Reminder – Nifty flavor and maybe okay mechanics, needs comparing
  • Peaceful Serenity of Io – A duration buff for Concentrate would be cool, this would need to be carefully compared and balanced against some similar spells
  • Primal Hunter – Be cool to do something with the Primal spells
  • Rebuke – Needs to be carefully compared against other similar spells
  • Shadow Mask – Interesting idea, not super sure on the mechanics
  • Shadow Spray – Cool idea, maybe as a Darkness effect for Black, needs balancing and comparing to other spells
  • Shared Healing – Interesting idea, might actually be more interesting if it could use the healing on others, would need to be balanced against other healing spells. Maybe more interesting as a Mass effect base?
  • Sting Ray – Interesting idea for another Black debuff, needs something else going on with a successful save
  • Suffer the Flesh – I like the idea, be cool for a Red/Black effect, like a weakened sangromancy-type effect, but this would need pretty drastic tweaks
  • Sun Bolt – Need to be carefully compared, but this might be alright
  • Threskyn’s Hearty Heave – Needs careful comparison to other bull rush spells, but I like the spell
  • Vertigo – Needs comparison to other similar debuffs
  • Whip of Thorns – Nifty spell, kind of shit, I’d like to make this better, also should have a greater version that uses a rose as the material component…for reasons
  • Ghostharp – I definitely want something like this, it’s basically the core of the “song recordings” magic items, but it needs poking to be more like a “record a live song then listen once later” sorta thing
  • Animate Fire , Animate Water , and Animate Wood – Needs to be compared to conjurations and other similar spells
  • Boneblast – Hell of a nasty thing, I like the flavor and damn is that material component evil, not super sure on the effects
  • Burning Rage – I really like the idea of this being the Rage spell that also made the target’s melee attacks (or maybe just one wielded weapon) do an additional 1d6 points of fire damage. Need to figure out a level for that.
  • Dawn Burst – Interesting idea, would need to be carefully compared
  • Detect Weaponry – Needs some notes on how it interacts with hidden weapons
  • Discern Bloodline – We’ve got another spell being looked at we need to compare to this
  • Hoard Gullet – Good spell for dracomancy
  • Jet of Steam – Again, want more steam spells, but I’d like them to do stuff other than just do damage
  • Kelgore’s Fire Bolt – Interesting idea, maybe something we could do for this
  • Melt – Be interesting to look at this
  • Phantom Threat – I think we have some similar spells this would need to be compared to
  • Protective Interposition – Cool idea, needs some tweaks and comparisons to other similar spells. Maybe make not a Teleportation effect?
  • Rooftop Strider – Might be something we could do with this idea
  • Rouse – Needs to be compared to other similar spells
  • Snowsight – Be good to put something like this in, needs to be compared carefully to similar effects like Greensight
  • Stalking Brand – Needs a save to negate, needs to be compared to similar spells, should probably be touch range Green or Blue
  • Stupor – Might be good to have something like this
  • True Casting – Worth comparing
  • Wall of Smoke – Nifty idea, though I don’t like the nauseating factor
  • Adapt Body – Similar to life bubble, worth comparison
  • Assimilate – Really cool, need to carefully poke at the damage to Temp HP ratio and the bonus for if you kill them. Bonus should probably be based on the HD of the target.
  • Biofeedback – Need to compare against Stoneskin
  • Fusion – Super cool, I like this idea, but balancing and coloring this will be a pain, need a lot of safety notes.
  • Stasis Cocoon – I know there’s another similar spell out there, be worth comparing as something like this might be good.
  • Aversion – Interesting idea, would need to be carefully compared to similar spells
  • Call to Mind – Interesting idea, would need to be carefully compared to similar spells
  • Cloud Mind and Mass Cloud Mind – Nifty, not sure on the balance, but with some careful comparsion we might be able to find a way to make something like this work.
  • Metaconcert – Really interesting, not sure how to properly work something like this, but might be something we could tweak Absolute Steel – A spell that gave you a +2 dodge bonus to AC after moving some distance could be interesting

Ganny: The biggest problem with this is we have things like Grace and Burst of Speed that blow this thing out of the water… though given its a continuous bonus, I could easily see this as Red or White 3. Have it be a swift action, requiring having moved at least 10 feet to cast it, and it lasts in rounds per level. Would be really good for someone like Ashling.

Ganny: Action before Thought: Reflex instead of Will. Red or White 2? Mind over Body: Will instead of Fort. White or Blue 2? Moment of Perfect Mind: This will need a name change (Rush of Adrenaline ?). Have this be Fort instead of Reflex. Green or White 2?

  • Avalanche of Blades – Cool name and interesting idea, but the effect seems totally unpredictable. If it had some limiting factor. Or maybe if it was a Standard action that went “You can make a full-attack against a creature but all your attacks take a -10 penalty”, then that might be possible at some level (that’s very similar to epic whirlwind attack).
  • Baffling Defense – Really interesting, definitely some way to balance this

Ganny: What if it were set to 10 plus your Sense Motive? Then it could be based on reading your foes attack, and could be come Blue 2 or 3.

  • Ballista Throw and Comet Throw – Need to be a Bull Rush and needs to be compared to other Bull Rush spells
  • Burning Brand – I’ve always liked this sort of effect, but balancing it has always felt like it would be hell.

Ganny: This is basically Stretch Weapon and it transforms your attack to an energy type. I do like the idea. Maybe if it were made as a standard attack? Then we could do a full round of this and probably set it as a 4th or 5th level effect, maybe?

  • Charging Minotaur – Interesting, need to compare to other bull rush effects
  • Claw at the Moon and Death from Above – I really like the idea shared by these spells and I think somewhere between their mechanics and by balancing against other effects that render enemies flat-footed we could find a really fun spell.
  • Clever Positioning – Cool idea, not sure how to properly balance this though.
  • Colossus Strike – Needs to be compared to other bull rush effects
  • Greater Divine Surge – Red/Black. I’d say make deal 8d8 base and deal 1 Con damage, then allow to take additional Con damage as listed (up to a total amount of Con damage equal to your CL, to a max of 20 Con damage at 20th CL). Can do between 8d8 and up to a crazy 26d8 points of damage at 20th level, but for that much Con damage it’d be a pretty nasty trade. That said, is this ever used? 26d8 averages at 117 damage and…man, as an 8th level spell, you’ve got 2 or 3 attacks you’re giving up to do that, and that just doesn’t feel good enough.

Ganny: What about a swift action, trading 1 con for 1d8 hellfire damage per attack made for one round? Rename it to ‘Blows of the Hellkite’. Scary, but certainly a nifty effect. Then you could have something in blue that did Rimefire stuffs. Not sure if the level would be appropriate though with the damage.

Ganny: Rename to ‘Entangling Blow’, swift action Green 3. ‘Your next attack deals an extra 1d6 acid damage per 2 CL (max 10d6) and causes the target to be affected as per a tanglefoot bag. Use this spell’s save DC instead of that of a normal tanglefoot bag.’ And Green gets more anti-air stuff.

  • Five-Shadow Creeping Ice Enervating Strike – Wow that’s an awful name. Interesting effect, needs comparison to shadow arrow.
  • Flesh Ripper – Cool name, not totally sure if this is any good, worth comparing to other debuff spells
  • Fountain of Blood – Cool, needs comparison to other spells that shaken enemies
  • Giant Killing Style – I’ve always been wary of bonus to-hit against larger creatures, but worth looking at some time down the road

Ganny: This could be an offensive variant to Death from Below. That might be really interesting, actually. I’m not sure I like the flat bonus to attack and damage though.

  • Girallon Windmill Flesh Rip – Interesting, but it’s just more damage rewarding you for full rounding, which isn’t terribly exciting, maybe if it did some sort of bleed damage thing?
  • Hamstring Attack – What if this was 1d8 Dex penalty and just didn’t have a save ? It could probably do some extra damage on top of that, like maybe 4d6?

Hrm, maybe? If it were kept at level and left a standard action, I could see the changes you suggested.

Ganny: Insightful Strike: Make the following changes: Blue 1, Immediate Action (see text): ‘When you successfully identify a creature, you may cast this spell. You gain an extra 1d6 precision damage against that creature (as well as similar creatures) for 1 minute. This damage only applies to a specific set of creatures. For instance, if you are fighting skeletons and use this spell, and suddenly a bunch of zombies show up, you would not gain the extra precision damage against the zombies. However, if a bunch of burning skeletons showed up, the precision damage would apply against them… as they are still skeletons, just on fire’.

Greater Insightful Strike: Red/Blue 4. Like Insightful Strike, but instead you gain an extra 1d6 precision damage per 3 caster levels (max 6d6 at 18th caster level) This gives Red/Blue something like Divine Power, which I kind of like.

  • Island of Blades – Not super sure that flanking should ever be this easy, but might be interesting to look at

Ganny: This is actually kind of like the teamwork feat Pack Flanking. This actually might be ok as a third level spell, so long as you and your ally were not on the same side as the creature.

  • Prey on the Weak – I like the set up of the mechanics here, but the payout doesn’t feel very exciting

Ganny: Not sure what level that is, but what if it just granted an extra attack, kind of like 3.5 cleave? Just change it to an immediate action and it would be really quite nice.

  • Roots of the Mountain – I know we’ve got some similar spells being poked at, be worth comparing this one as well
  • Stance of Clarity – I like this, I just can’t think of a good way to balance it right now. Will need careful comparison.
  • Swarm Tactics – I like the idea of buffing allies you’re adjacent to, might be tricky to balance
  • Tactics of the Wolf – Cool idea, needs very careful balancing

Ganny: Make it a sixth level spell, allow it to give allies a morale bonus to attacks equal to a quarter of your caster level (max plus 5) and a morale bonus on damage on damage rolls equal to half your caster level (max plus 10). That feels ok for a sixth level spell? Feels very Marshal-y.

Ganny: This was basically supposed to be the Time Stop equivalent for Book of 9 Swords. What if it were a standard action spell that granted you a full round attack, and it were Red/Blue 10?

  • Tornado Throw – This spell really says to me “throw an enemy so hard that a twister forms around them” which sounds awesome, but this doesn’t do that. It really should.

Ganny: Let’s go ahead and do that then. What if the person thrown were treated as the center of a tornado, and everyone who were adjacent to the path (caster is immune) had to make the appropriate checks for dealing with the wind?

  • Fire’s of Vengeance – 7th level Red/White (paladin) or Red/Black (antipaladin). Love the spell, needs a serious buff though.

Ganny: Make it 1d8 per 2 caster levels, max 15d8. Instead of fire damage, make it half fire, half holy, and on a successful fort save they can halve that damage. A target takes a -4 penalty on the fort save to resist full damage.

TheBronzeGryphon: TERRIBLE. This is a shitty waste of mana. Only Ganny’s suggestion makes it in any way worth using. Then the monster actually regrets attacking someone besides the caster, instead of shrugging off a maximum of an insignificant 24 damage, or at worst an absolutely negligible 3 damage.

JJPyro: Even with Ganny’s, I don’t think it is good enough to be a 7th level spell. It’s just too weak. My thoughts are if we want this spell at its level, it needs the damage buffed, like Greg said, and a really nasty secondary effect that can be avoided via save or something. Being staggered for a round or something.

  • Litany of Thunder – I like this spell, 7th level for what it does is kind of ridiculous. It either needs its level dropped to maybe 5th level or the spell needs to be buffed.

Ganny: Yeah… drop it to fifth or give this spell some sonic damage.

TheBronzeGryphon: Blindness/Deafness is only a level 2 spell as a standard action. Thus this litany is pretty much worthless.

JJPyro: Lets have it be a 5th level and maybe have it do a bit of sonic damage.

  • Lifebound Spell – It’d be a 3rd level White or Black. Renamed because the original name is terrible. My big concern is balance on this spell, it’s quite powerful and I’d like it discussed.

Ganny: Potent, but it only effects AoE spells that are instantaneous. Good, but not busted.

TheBronzeGryphon: MortHarlequin used this all the time. It’s a great boost for a caster primary in a tight spot, but runs the risk of being far too good when you do it like Arran did to create a GIANT pile of healing by using lots of other metamagics on the damaging spell. It gets a little nuts. I’m not against it, just thinking it might need revised upward.

  • Arrowsplit – 6th level Green/Blue. Very powerful spell, each arrow can deal precision damage and is fully effective. Physical additions to the arrow, such as poisons, or alchemical resivoirs/treatments, notably don’t split. Not sure if this spell needs to be bumped up a level or not.

TheBronzeGryphon: Even taking Ethan into account, as the spell applies to only one arrow and is a lot of mana, I say it’s fine. It’s like getting rapid shot if you don’t have it, Haste if you do, and is worth the mana investment if you’ve got both on.

  • Nine Lives – Really nifty, we’ll work on this later. “Negates” would (at best) need to become 75% fort (wouldn’t stack with similar effects). Maybe shimmy out lets you make an immediate check with a bonus instead. Should only be able to reroll non-botches. Duration should definitely be lower (maybe r 10 minutes/level).
  • Oath of Peace – White 7 base, tricky to balance. Maybe change to 1 minute per level and it’d be fine?
  • Charon’s Dispensation – Green/White 4 – change to granting SR 12+CL vs noted effects, need to add notes of how stygian CL is calculated. Basically, the more you interact with the river, the higher it’s effective CL gets vs the spell.
  • Covetous Aura – Looking at Blue/Black 5, change to “allows you to counter the spell, then gain the effects yourself” need to figure out countering action and appropriate max level.
  • Ward Shield – Needs work, problematic balance vs Spell Resistance
  • Phantom Trap – Blue 2, really cool, needs some sort of defeat mechanism
  • Dirge of the Victorious Knights – basically a line version of Flame Strike, might be better in similar colors with a somewhat different theme.
  • Chameleon Stride – Maybe some sort of merger between Camouflage and Blur, bit higher level, maybe some other small interesting mechanic? Maybe Green/Blue?
  • Hide Campsite – The visual blinding is fine, the wind and sound and smell effects are way too powerful for the level and duration
  • Dazzling Blade – No discussion
  • Overwhelming Presence – I think I’d like to make this an emenation from the character, and then work from there. It’s definitely Blue, not sure on the rest – maybe Red/Blue/Black. Could make these changes, poke at it a bit, maybe make it 10th level. Maybe 11th depending on how much we add.
  • Wrath – Interesting, not sure I like how much this stacks with similar spells, definitely don’t like the improved crit element.
  • Shared Wrath – See above
  • Terrain Bond – crazy powerful, maybe some way to drop that
  • Battle Trance – Cool idea, needs to be more offensive, either Red or Red/Black
  • Burst of Glory – White, having a hard time finding the right level for this, needs a Black opposite
  • Unadulterated Loathing – We looked at the counter to this a long while back, this’ll get the same treatment if/when Reckless Infatuation gets poked at
  • Stalwart Resolve – Really interesting for a Green/White spell, maybe some way to balance it, maybe better just banned
  • Bestow Insight – Maybe True Diverse, then tage certain stats to certain pools (so, like, Blue could give bonuses to Int-based skills). and the bonus is limited both by the caster’s max ranks (up to six) and then you subtract the target’s ranks in that skill. Kill the roll twice.
  • Vexing Miscalculation – interesting idea, horrible mechanic
  • Iron Body – Really cool, has to have the polymorph descriptor, I’d want to remove the immunities and maybe just make them bonuses to saves, maybe also some resistances (depending on how this gets colored). Will need to give a better set of bonuses.
  • Control Construct – No discussion
  • Salvage – White/Blue 9, needs a material component based on size category (ranging from relativley cheap to fairly expensive)
  • Submerge Ship – Cool spell, tricky to balance. It needs pressure to still be relevant (maybe have some mechanic that threatens to break it).
  • Rune of Jandelay – Cool idea, nifty mechanics needs a lot of flavor changes, I think this might be better with a longer duration at an Epic level
  • Awaken – we’ll need to carefully think about how we want to introduce this spell to the world
  • Baleful Polymorph – 5th level, not super sure on color yet, I’d say we need to eliminate the availability of fatal forms. I also question the permanent duration.
  • Treasure Stitching – cool idea, way too much storage space. Maybe if it had a weight limit and/or a much smaller volume. Something worth coming back to later.
  • Bladed Dash – really cool idea, kinda like spring attack in a spell, but it needs to be balanced better against the feat
  • Greater Bladed Dash – same as above
  • Energy Siege Shot – Red, Green, or Blue 6, as above, I question if this shouldn’t maybe be a level higher or so.
  • Feast of Ashes – We’ve talked about the water version of this, this’ll get the same treatment whenever we go back to that one
  • Blessing of the Mole – maybe only work while underground, but tweaked mechanics,
  • Countless Eyes – way too good at low level, definitely shouldn’t have that long of a duration. Maybe a higher level spell that had more unique effects, plus some of the penalties like robe of eyes?
  • Imbue with Aura – No Discussion
  • Strangling Hair – No Discussion
  • Twisted Space – Cool idea, way too weak. Maybe fine as a swift action?
  • Alchemical Tinkering – Maybe fine if it had a small list of like 3 things it could do
  • Prehensile Tail – Interesting idea, maybe we just remove the requirement for the tail being “Prehensile” and call that good?
  • Chameleon Scales – What if we used this as a baseline for something more minor? Like, changing the color of your hair or eyes? Kind of a more froo froo spell, but something maybe good for the setting that could benefit Disguise still.
  • Enlarge Tail – Cool, way too good for its level, maybe should just be Dracomancy
  • Face of the Devourer – Cool themes, problematic balance. Maybe it should just be made better and then implemented as a higher-level…I dunno, Green/Black spell?
  • Familiar Double – basically pointless as-is, but maybe something worth tweaking down the road.
  • Awaken Construct – similar issues with other Awaken stuff
  • Ectoplasmic Eruption – Really cool spell, I actually don’t think it needs that much poking to work, but it definitely needs some poking to work.
  • Greater Object Possession – this works like Control Construct, which we set aside to work on later. When that gets worked on, this can get approved.
  • Shadow Body – No Discussion
  • Tower of Iron Will – tricky to balance
  • Unshakable Zeal – No Discussion
  • Rain of Arrows – compares poorly to FIrestorm, but is definitely interesting. Worth poking at some time.
  • Mantle of Doubt – This spell is missing a radius, it’d either need us to figure one out or it needs the errata to come out for it.
  • Mind Swap – honestly, this seems like a major can of worms that might just be best avoided. There might be some way to put this – like as a trial or legendary spell – or maybe it just needs some mechanical tweaks.
  • Lost Locale – This is probably fine as it is, but for that large of an area I’d really like to see the spell make a bigger impact than this one does. I’d like to rework this to being an epic spells at some point.
  • Bloatbomb – Green/Black 4, loses death descriptor, instead of kill
  • Enchantment Foil – White/Blue/Black, change to be dismissed as free when succeeding on an enchantment to alter the spell for its duration, probably needs tweaking/buffed. Could tweak with the resistance type/duration to find that balance.
  • Mirror Hideaway – Needs tweaking to compare better with rope trick
  • Mirror Transport – similar to above, concerns over how it targets mirrors
  • Path of Glory – cool idea, but hard to balance, needs careful work
  • Greater Path of Glory – as above
  • Persistent Vigor – Green/White, way overpowered, but we might be able to find a way to create a balanced version
  • Bloody Arrows – Let’s heavily revamp this and turn it into a spell like the other swift cast X Arrows
  • Flaming Aura – this might work well if it just was an aura of damage, maybe not too powerful?
  • Frosty Aura – as above
  • Miasmal Dread – cool idea, bad mechanics, maybe needs tweaks
  • Dream Shield – No Discussion
  • Feast of Fear – Black 5, give it a 50 temp hd cap, clarify that it does’t stack with other temp HP/other castings, needs the fear effects reduced (recurring panic with no save definitely isn’t okay).
  • Legendary Proportions – Cool base we could use for a greater giant growth. Probably doesn’t need notes that it won’t work on outsider/undead/summons. DR maybe shouldn’t be a thing, natural armor should probably be enhancement bonus. Might need tweaking from there.
  • Callback – maybe we want this, maybe we don’t. We typically haven’t been allowing alternate contingent spells
  • Rubberskin – I think with some tweaks this could be an interesting alternative to Stoneskin
  • Synapse Overload – Maybe change this to just an Evocation [electricity] spell with different flavor that just had the otherwise same effects?
  • Synaptic Pulse – this would need a flavor change to go into Red. Not super sure if we want this? Could be a thing though.
  • Thoughtsense – I’d rework this to being the “Arcane Sight” version of “Detect Thoughts”
  • Blood Tentacles – This seems like it could be something, mechanics are just sorta off. Maybe make lasting tentacles that all just have the vampiric quality? Maybe add tentacles + vampiric to your normal attacks? Something there, maybe like Cruel Feeding
  • Banishing Blade – I like the idea of a weapon that keeps knocking creatures away, maybe just remove the banishing element from it, rename, boost bull rush? Red or White in that case?
  • Guardian Monument – This might be a fine starting point to make spells based on Green/White’s “Community buffs” flavor
  • Foretell Failure – Maybe something here with some heavy tweaks?
  • Tough Crowd – Red or White 4, needs poking
  • Banshee Blast – Black X, Fear + damage, change to shadow damage, tweak a bit to kinda work like Black’s sunbeam-ish
  • Oasis – we actually have spells that can do some big manipulations, if this thing actually required water to be nearby, then it’d really more just read “Instant well” and that might be alright. Might still want a duration on it, though maybe a long one.
  • Summon Laborers – the idea of a spell that summons untrained labor is pretty interesting, and could just be a tweak on Unseen Servant realistically speaking. Might be something here
  • Greater Neutralize Poison – its ability to heal damage caused by poisons probably isn’t right, but something that worked a bit more like heal does in regards to curing such effects, that might be alright.

TheBronzeGryphon: I’m pretty OK with a Greater Neutralize Poison at a lower level than Heal that actually cures poison-inflicted damages. Fourth level seems OK if the auto-cure is removed, but I’d also be OK with it as-is at 5th. And put it in Green/White instead of just either-or.

  • Dream Scan – doesn’t compare well to Memory Probe, but might be alright at a higher level, maybe with some tweaks
  • Explode Head – I just…so weird. Coloring this is a bit tricky, I’m not sure what damage type it should be, and it would definitely need the [Death] descriptor if it can instantly slay

TheBronzeGryphon: I chuckled at Explode Head. It’s Power Word Kill at 20 HP though… not super sure on it. Red/Black is my take on the coloring.

  • Primal Regression – really cool idea for some sorta Red/Green spell, mechanics suck as-is but might be able to be turned into something nifty
  • Psychic Surgery – some interesting ideas, we could probably find a way to balance this
  • Zephyr’s Fleetness – We should eventually have something that counters difficult terrain to some degree, not sure if this is how we want to do it.
  • Blade Lash – Interesting idea, could probably be a decent spell with a minor tweak. Maybe a greater stretch weapon flavor?
  • Blessed Fist – having a spell that let you be proficient with unarmed might be a thing, though I know we have some spells that sorta already do that.
  • Body Capacitance – Interesting idea
  • Memorize Page – This would probably be fine if it just had a duration, probably 1 hour/level. Page would need tweaking.’
  • Stunning Barrier – Maybe if it was “You can expend the spell as an immediate to attempt to stun a creature that just hit you”?
  • Sunder Breaker – Interesting idea, probably a way we could balance this. Metamagics are a definite concern, level should be carefully weighed.
  • Sundering Shards – This could be a really cool immediate cast spell for Red after destroying a weapon with a sunder, need to balance carefully
  • Wave Shield – Interesting spell, the multi-color elements of it are tricky, but maybe something we could do
  • Bouncy Spell – Might be a good spell to compare to Weird Form and maybe make a Green/Blue version of.
  • Endothermic Touch – Ignoring the main mechanic of this spell, a spell that let you double the duration you could hold your breath might be interesting
  • Blend with Surroundings – Cool spell, would need some poking to balance correctly
  • Cloak of Secrets – Red/Blue, Evocation [Sonic]/Illusion (Glamor), change the flavor a bit, not super sure on level, maybe 3?
  • Coin Shot – I’d be tempted to twist this somehow into a White/Black spell, because Orzhov. Either way, interesting, idea, but this’ll need a lot of work.
  • Mindlink – An effect like this could be cool, need to be very careful with how we implement it. Like, maybe, given it only works with images and emotional sensations, it’s got some inaccuracy issues we outline, something like that.
  • Alleviate Addiction – We’ll touch on this when we expand and clarify our drugs rules
  • Incendiary Runes – Will need to be carefully compared to other trap spells
  • Investigative Mind – There’s probably a lesser number of times this could be used that would make it fine, need comparison. Should probably be an immediate action to trigger.
  • River Whip – Cool, needs to be balanced against flame blade
  • Twilight Haze – Almost certain we have a spell like this, needs to be compared
  • Shared Suffering – Make better, then make Red/Black
  • Telekinetic Volley – Interesting, maybe something we could do with this
  • Steal Size”: – I like the idea, level/cast time needs tweaks
  • Twisted Futures – I’d kind of like this a little bit stronger, maybe focus on fate a bit more as a concept, make it White/Black
  • Air Geyser – Need to be carefully compared
  • Anchored Step – Pretty sure we’ve looked at this, nifty idea that needs a lot of help
  • Barrow Haze – Nifty idea, obviously disfunctional as it is
  • Siphon Might – Interesting idea, maybe if it was drain and the bonus was profane?
  • Trail of Fire and Acid – There’s a way to make this interesting Shifting Shadows – Needs to be carefully compared, we have something similar
  • Aversion – Pretty sure we’ve looked at this, needs careful comparison to Antipathy
  • Babble – Interesting, needs careful comparison to Bewilder (so probably needs to be a much higher level), also not sure on color
  • Catatonia – Problems, but interesting
  • Cognitive Block – Intereesting idea, compares poorly to similar spells
  • Ectoplasmic Snare – Interesting, needs careful comparison and should probably be a force effect
  • Node of Blasting – Interesting, needs some type of material component, and the end would need rewriting.
  • Lament of Summer’s Last Breath – Interesting idea, maybe if this scrapped the good element and only was an anti-cold effect
  • Psychic Leech – Cool idea but mechanics aren’t quite there, be better if it gave a mental buff
  • Contact High – There’s a poison spell that lets you hit someone else with your poison, might be more interesting to make this like that
  • City’s Might – I love this spell’s concept, but it needs a lot of work. Consider it a high list add to the “Needs Work” as a city-based melee/defensive buff for White.
  • Wrathful Mantle – This is such a weird spell. I do want a spell that does grant a resistance bonus like this in pure White, but it should be Abjuration. This spell also has nothing to do with light right now. I could see this being reworked in a huge way, might as well chuck it back to “Needs Work” for now.
  • Rebuke – Man this spell is bad. I don’t even know what to do with it off the top of my head. Just chuck it back into “Needs Work”

Needs Work Spells

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