Magic in Creed

Mana is the lifeblood of Creed, a power that surges through the oceans, races through the forests, burns in the mountains, wallows in the swamps, and dances through the plains. From these lands, and memories of such places, beings can draw forth this power into themselves and unleash it to work their will upon the world. Anything influenced, powered, or empowered by Mana is typically referred to as mystical, magical, or, simply, magic. However, magic as a word is also often used as a slang term to refer to something confusing, unknown, or seemingly impossible.

Over time, drawing, wielding, and manipulating mana has been formalized into a form called the spell and utilized in a process known as spellcasting. Spells are now understood as a sort of way to weave the mana, allowing for very specific forms of magical expression and effect. How the process began is unknown, but many suspect ancient mages learned this from watching the innately magical monstrous races in the world and emulating what came naturally to these creatures. Today, the fundamental concepts of spellcasting are understood by all but the most novice of casters and any spellcaster of sufficient power and skill can create their own spells. The most powerful spells require intimate knowledge of even most minute details of spell formation, details that have been discerned and are understood only by the more powerful of mages.

There are many, many types of magic and methods to approach spellcasting. From the sorcerer who understands only the most fundamental aspects of his craft, to the wizard who knows the form of a spell matrix better than he does his own face, to the worshipers of the divine who seem to rely more on faith than mystical form. Magic itself is typed in such a way to define the general form and function of the spells, most commonly referred to as “schools of magic” – Abjuration, Conjuration, Divination, Enchantment, Evocation, Illusion, Necromancy, and Transmutation.

The nations and races within Creed reflect very different thoughts on magic and specializations within it. This is most typically based on regionally available Mana, but that’s not universally the case. Many towns and nations have placed limitations, restrictions, and even required documentation on spellcasters due to the unique danger they can pose, though no nation has ever banned magic outright. A number of spells, many of them of the Necromancy school, are considered to be dishonorable or even outright evil and unlawful by some societies. While it’s rare, some towns and nations have even place universal bans on certain schools or even entire types of magic (such as the ban on fire magic within Divinity’s Reach and its surrounding countryside). Only Chronomancy has been universally banned.

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Magic in Creed

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