Khaz Kvinn



Khaz Kvinn is a Frontier Metropolis, with 14210 inhabitants. The city-proper is set deep within the Hurloon Range, a honeycombed pyramid of floors surrounding a large and open central column. A unique design, this allows the massive city to exist within a fairly small space while allowing them to continue their mining operations at the bottom of the city. Channels of magma run down the sides of the cavernous city, heating and illuminating the dwarvish city year-round.

  • Does Have: 7 inns (The Golden Rose, rest unvisited), 36 Taverns/Restaurants (The Shattered Shield, rest unvisited), 5 magic shops (Thanarv’s Emporium, rest unvisited – 1 wandwright, 1 weaponsmith, 2 armorers)
  • Doesn’t Have: -
People Met and Places Visited
  • The Grand Hall: The massive entrance tunnel leading into the dwarven city. Guarded by massive, mystically-reinforced doors, only the most elite of the dwarvish guard are allowed to stand guard here.
  • The Golden Rose: The inn is a two-storey stone-walled building, with several stained glass windows and a tiled mosaic floor. Accommodations consist of several small rooms with beds and woolen mattresses. The innkeeper is a younger, athletic female dwarf named Dina.
  • Thanarv’s Emporium: This magical trade shop is a two-storey brick building, with a slate roof. It is protected by constructed drakes of living stone. The shopkeeper is a tall male dwarf named Thanarv.
  • The Shattered Shield: The tavern is a three-story stone building, the shattered remains of a colossal steel tower shield are hung out front. Tucked away down on one of the deepest floors in the city, the tavern is considered to be the greatest “temple” to Fiers within Khaz Kvinn. The innkeeper is an extremely devout and fairly tall dwarf man in his middle age that goes by the name of Buern.

Khaz Kvinn

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