Glyph of Wild Magic

Glyph of Wild Magic
  • Transmutation [Wild]
  • Level: Red 4
  • Components: V, S, M
  • Casting Time: 10 minutes
  • Range: 0 ft.; see text
  • Effect: One glyph
  • Duration: see text
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: No

Twisting and confining the power of wild magic, the caster scribes a potent glyph of power upon a surface. This spell works like Symbol of Death, except that all creatures within the radius of Glyph of Wild Magic are affected as if they had just wild surged in an area of wild magic. Each creature afflicted counts as both target and caster. If the wild surge would alter a spell cast, the target instead has a ferret manifest somewhere in their belongings and they reroll on the table.

Unlike Symbol of Death, Glyph of Wild Magic has no hit point limit; once triggered, the glyph afflicts all creatures within range and then dissipates. Creatures cannot be made immune to the effects of this glyph through a password or attunement, but such efforts may be undertaken to prevent those creatures from triggering the glyph.

Material component: piece of a broken mirror.

Glyph of Wild Magic

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