Chaos' Keep


Shifting through Limbo like an eternal storm, Chaos’ Keep is a barely comprehensible castle that wanders the plane. Seemingly made of quasi-organic and ever-shifting chaos, the castle in the very physical manifestation of insanity. Merely looking upon the castle is enough to disorient those not native to Limbo, and entering the Keep has been known to break the minds of even the most stalwart champion sans the most deranged wild mages. Known to few but the slaadi, Chaos’ Keep is the home of the Spawning Stone, guarded by the great slaadi lords Ssendam and Ygorl. When drawn to Chaos’ Keep, the traveler will appear somewhere on the outer edge of the deep ravine that perpetually surrounds the Keep.

Characters with the Touchstone Attunement feat or with a Touchstone Amulet can attune to this planar touchstone.

  • Attunement Condition: In Progress
  • Base Ability: In Progress
  • Higher-Order Ability: In Progress
  • Higher-Order Uses: In Progress
  • Recharge Condition: In Progress

Chaos' Keep

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