Lich's Ward


Made of a near-black mithral and elaborately inlaid with gold, this shield seems more vile art than a tool for battle. A faint but hypnotizing blue light drains slowly from the carved eyes and glyph on this shield.

Lich’s Ward
  • Type: Altered Masterwork Tower Shield
  • Material: Mithral (Castle-Forged Good material); 17 hardness, 30 hit points
  • Craft check: 61
  • Caster Level: 16

Lich’s Ward is a Crafter item that has yet to be themed.

Spell Tower: This shield is currently enchanted with the Spell Tower enchantment, granting its wielder the special ability to deflect magical rays and ranged touch attacks once per round as if using the arrow deflection ability. The Reflex save DC to deflect such attacks is equal to 20 + the level of the spell (or 1/2 the class level or Hit Dice of the creature that created the effect, if a supernatural effect). Any feat, item, class, or racial ability that increases the DC of the spell increases the Reflex save to deflect the spell by the same amount. If a spell or effect creates multiple rays or attacks, the spell tower deflects only one of them per round.

Altered: Whenever Lich’s Ward is used to deflect a spell, a swirl of shattered bones and negative energy burst from the shield, girding the bearer in dark power for 1d4+1 rounds. This shroud increases the bearer’s natural armor by +4, grants Damage Reduction 5/Bludgeoning, and causes all wielded weapons to deal 1d6 points of Negative Energy damage. While active, the bearer may make Lich’s Ward gather some of the negative energy and necrotic bone shards surrounding them and launch them forward as a move action, dealing 5d8 points of damage to all enemies in a 60 foot line. Half of this damage is a Piercing damage and half is Negative Energy damage, a successful Reflex save DC 17 plus bearer’s Charisma modifier halves this damage. When activating this ability, the bearer may choose to expend two Black mana and sacrifice 10 hit points, drawing forth bone shards from their own body, to increase the damage of this effect by an amount equal to their hit dice plus their Charisma modifier and increase the Reflex DC by 2.

Lich’s Ward has the Focus moderate modification, though what this focus does has yet to be discerned.


Lich's Ward

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