This smooth river stone bears a crudely scratched image of a leaping frog.

  • Type: Crafter Trinket
  • Material: Stone (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 12
  • Caster Level: 5

When skimmed across a body of still or slow-moving water, the frogstone causes 1 foot wide waterlilies to grow 2 feet apart up to a total distance of 20 feet times the sum of the Strength modifier and Dexterity modifier of the thrower. These waterlilies are stable and can support up to 200 lbs, counting as a 1 foot wide ledge for those attempting to cross. The waterlilies remain in place for 10 rounds before dying and slowly sinking below water. The frogstone will rest on the last waterlily created, sinking when the waterlily dies.

If used on faster moving water, the waterlilies may still be made, but they will rapidly begin moving apart and may prove to be much more unstable platforms, possibly even sinking early.



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