Belt of Friendly Transit


An incredibly well-made belt made of pure adamantine chain.

Belt of Friendly Transit
  • Type: Crafter Ring
  • Material: Castle Forged Adamantine (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 52
  • Caster Level: 11

The belt of friendly transit is a Crafter item themed to aided movement. The item is currently enchanted with the following effects.

Ant Haul: The wearer gains the continuous benefit of Ant Haul.

Superior Familiar Pocket: The wearer gains the continuous benefit of Familiar Pocket. This effect continues functioning even when the belt is not worn.

Carry Companion: A familiar inside the familiar pocket, can, as a standard action, activate the spell Carry Companion on themselves. The release mechanism is a compass carried by the wearer.

Easy Carry: When a humanoid other than the wearer grabs hold of the belt (typically a move action that provokes attacks for opportunity), their effective weight with regards to the wearer’s carrying capacity is reduced to 1/8th of normal. A person hanging onto the belt in this fashion gains the grappled condition, but does not impose the grappled condition on the wearer.

Familiar’s Belt: Three times per day, the wearer may teleport their familiar into the Familiar Pocket as-per Familiar Refuge. The pocket must be empty for this to function, and any items that cannot be brought inside are left behind.

The Kite String: The wearer may make pull a strand out of the belt, launching it at a willing target within 60 ft as an immediate action. This my be performed at-will but requires a successful ranged touch attack. If you successfully hit their touch AC, the strand latches on and you are dragged behind the target until the end of their turn, ending an equivalent distance to the target as when activated. Your movement provokes attacks of opportunity while drug. The thread may be sundered (AC 12, Hardness 20, HP 7, already modified by material of belt) and is subject to any ambient damage (makes saves as if an attended object). If the thread is destroyed, the enchantment is destroyed as well.


Belt of Friendly Transit

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