Reikhardt Flaxmane

"Through vigilance and strength, we create peace."

Red 21 – 51 (40) – Highest spell level known: 6 White 21 – 108 (94) – Highest level spell known: 8 — +1 to Spell DC for swift spell, +1 to Spell DC for Good or Lawful Black 21 – 61 (44) – Highest level spell known: 8 Multi-mana Imbued Spells
  • 2 White and 1 Red have been permanently burned to provide the party a conduit between Dreamer’s Rest and the Serran Chapel in Starfork. Which has since been destroyed. Yay.
Party Items held by Reikhardt

The Writ (Mark II)

The Mind
  • No vigilance sees enough; no strength prevents all evil. Peace comes from changed hearts.
  • Arrogance is the stumbling block of fools. A wise man knows knows he is foolish, a strong man knows he is weak.
  • When darkness falls, the light must burn on, no matter what shadows seek its end.
  • In all things fair or ill, be mindful of the good may be wrought from it.

The Soul
  • It is not race or nation that defines a man, but his actions. Goodness comes from within.
  • Weep with those who mourn, rejoice with those who celebrate, and burn with the wrathful, but in all things, build up, and do not tear down.
  • To be somber and cheerless is the mark of a crippled soul.
  • Lean not only upon your own strength which may fail, but upon the strength of others. A braided cord is not easily broken.

The Path
  • By gilded word or sharpened blade, lend strength to the weak, courage to the coward, faith to the faltering, and hope to the helpless.
  • Abide not the traitor, nor the corrupter of good men. What corrupts rots, what purifies heals.
  • Shadow is not darkness, nor is a glimmer truly light. Learn first, judge second.
  • Stay the sword against the repentant. Penitence, not perfection, is the mark of a noble heart.

This is the Holy Writ of Reikhardt Flaxmane, Serra’s healer and Kharega’s vengeance. May its words bring light to the darkness, and dread to the wicked.

(The writ is currently made of Mithral and deep gray marble)


Reikhardt was born on the 1st of Summersdawn, to Marika M’kai and Calvas Flaxmane, who were hurriedly married later that year.

His mother Marika was a smith, forging goods and tools primarily, but with a hobby of forging armor. Reikardt learned from her his love of shaping steel to protect others.

Calvas was, and is, primarily a farmer of wheat, flax, and hops. His own carefully bred stock blends beautifully into the three varieties of beer he has brewed and sold on a small scale. Reikhardt picked up the taste for various beers and other alcoholic beverages from his father, who let the cub try them from a young age on up.

Between his parents’ hobbies, Reikhardt found a satisfying balance: work for hours in the forge, accomplishing and creating, then sit back with a cool and refreshing beer at the end of the day. Industry and comfort, all at once.

Reikhardt Flaxmane

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