Cayden Shenir

Remember those we've lost, lest we become what we seek to destroy.

Color Base Caster Level Total Mana in Pool Mana Dedicated
Red 19 70 60
Green 19 70 63
White 19 70 60
Blue 19 67 48
Pure Red Spells Pure Green Spells Pure White Spells Pure Blue Spells Imbued Spells Diverse Spells Multi-Mana Spell-Like Abilities
  • Intensified Exsanguinate (CL 21, Fort Save (half) DC 17 for 15d6 Bleed Damage, if killed count’s as a quick Sacrifice)
Mana Changes
  • 1 point of red mana, lost to the Blind Eternities
Party Items held by Cayden
  • Birthday: First of Newspring

Father – Beltin Shenir – Male Lesser Angel – Profession: Blacksmith, crafter of a variety of weapons and armors (I can see his skills being composed of things like Craft (Swordsmith), Craft (Spearsmith), Craft (Bowyer), etc. He crafts all the weapons and is darn good at it!)

Mother – Calah Shenir (Maiden name: Halcyone) – Female Ocean Angel – Profession: Archivist of Serra (She is an immigrant from Aasrugel. The family joke is Cayden may look like his father, but gets his power from his mother).

Younger Sister – Iryani Shenir – Female Ocean Angel – Profession: Apprentice Blacksmith (Again, the family joke comes into play, Iryani may look like her mother, but takes after her father, picking up the different types of crafting much easier than Cayden ever could; something she uses in her and Cayden’s sibling rivalry. Cayden uses his ability to actually use magic as a counter. It generally goes downhill from there…).

Beltin and Calah met 30 years ago when Calah came to Sanctuary to serve as a new priestess for Serra. On the voyage, Calah’s Magna-Trident had been shattered. She asked around and ended up going to Beltin for a new one. He filled the order easily enough, but she was the first customer he ever had who brought back a weapon he created, not satisfied with his work. The rumor mill on Sanctum went nuts with this; Who did this new priestess think she was?! This process would repeat itself for the next two and a half years. Beltin would make a new blade for Calah, and Calah would return it in the next week, still not satisfied with the results. Eventually, Beltin got the idea that it wasn’t necessarily the blade she was unhappy with, and tried to court her. They were married in six months.

Cayden Shenir

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