Skies of Glass is a Pathfinder campaign using a number of system and setting variants, most notably the Crafter system. I highly recommend you become familiar with these variants, as well as go over the System Overview and Setting Overview pages. This campaign is set in a conglomerate of the Magic: The Gathering universe and a universe of my own devising, along with a smattering of influences from countless sources. I recommend you read up on the concept of Mana as it plays heavily into the campaign. The point of this game is to have fun, so if anything in here looks to be counter to that, be sure to bring that up and we’ll look into changing it.

This is most definitely a work in progress, expect new links to be coming up weekly. I have a standing offer to anyone who’s willing to look through the site occasionally for spelling, grammar, consistency, or anything of the like. Anyone who finds something of this nature and sends me a message with the error outlined will receive shiny bonuses! Quality is of high concern to me, so I believe this is a fair trade for anyone willing to spend some time searching through the site.

Please feel free to comment on anything in the forum or to talk to me in person!

- Planeswalker

Skies of Glass

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