• Type: Liquor
  • Quality: Very Poor

Description: Created in a tarvern named the Red Roc, the main drink of the dive is suitably named Rocgut. Rocgut is a potent and disgusting brew, made from the bodily fluids of a slain roc, including the blood, brain fluid, saliva, urine and a host of other fluids found within the body. Added to this is camel’s milk and select herbs before brew is the left to ferment underground for a month.

The drink is best chugged as sipping at the mixture only causes nausea, vomiting, and mild sensory hallucinations.

Game Effects: Saves against intoxication are made at a -5 penalty and, if failed, advance the drinker two stages of intoxication. When a cup of Rocgut is chugged, any imbiber that gets drunk off rocgut undergoes intense sensory hallucinations until sober. Strangely, they also gain a unique ability to pierce illusions, gaining a +4 on saving throws to disbelieve illusions and can make saving throws against illusions so long as they are within sight, even if they would normally need to be interacted with.


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