The planes of existence are different realities with interwoven connections. Except for rare linking points, each plane is effectively its own universe, with its own natural laws. The planes break down into a number of general types: the Material Plane, the Transitive Planes, the Outer Planes, and the demiplanes. While demiplanes can be governed by any set of rules and ‘natural’ laws, most inhabited planes are comfortably similar to Creed.

The Material Plane

Creed, also known as the Material Plane, is the most Earthlike of all the planes, and operates under the same set of natural laws that our own world does.

The Transitive Planes

The two Transitive planes, The Shadow Lands and Limbo, both have two important common characteristics. One, they are created from the overlap of other planes – the Shadow Lands being created by the overlap of the Light and Dark Lands, and Limbo being created from the overlap of The Elemental Planes – and as such can be used to travel between these realities. Two, they coexist with the Material Plane, just in different states of existence, and as such can be used to travel between these overlapping realities (see Traveling the Planes for more information). These planes have the strongest regular interaction with the Material Plane and are often accessed by using various spells. They have native inhabitants as well.

The Outer Planes

The Outer Planes contain the building blocks of reality, “overlapping” with the Material Plane, creating the transitive planes in the process. Each Outer Plane is made up of a single type of force or element that overwhelms all others. The natives of a particular Inner Plane are made of the same energy or element as the plane itself. There are two sets of Outer Planes – The Lands of Light and The Dark Lands and The Elemental Planes – the Elemental Plane of Earth, the Elemental Plane of Air, the Elemental Plane of Fire, and the Elemental Plane of Water.


This catchall category covers all extradimensional spaces that function like planes but have measurable size and limited access. While the other planes are relatively large in size, a demiplane might be only a few hundred feet across. There are numerous demiplanes adrift in the universe, most of them flotsam, and while most are connected to the Shadow Lands and Limbo, some are cut off entirely from the transitive planes and can only be accessed by well-hidden portals or obscure magic spells.

Para-Elemental Planes: Quasi-Elemental Planes: Unique demiplanes known to the party:


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