Magical Items

Magic items have received quite an overhaul for this game. Listed below are the changes, with elaborations for those needing them outlined afterwords.

  • Magical Weapons, Armor and Shields have been changed considerably (see below).
  • A single Crafter item may only have one theme for magical effects on it, a combination of two different concepts. For instance, gloves with Fire Control theme may have fire resistance on it, maybe have some x/day fire spells on it, etc. Those gloves may not then have, say, a bonus against disarm on them, though they could, for instance, be enchanted to spawn a fire sword as an immediate action if the wielder was ever disarmed. See The Crafter System for more.
  • No more non-slotted items, with the exception of Bags of Holding. Some of the more popular non-slotted items, such as Ioun Stones, will continue to exist but will no longer be easily stolen and will require certain body slots (such as a head slot for an ioun stone). Ioun Stones, and other popular non-slotted items, may be increased in power to adjust to being a now-slotted item. Legendary items may break this rule.
  • Skill increasing items have been removed. Items that increase checks for specific uses of skills still exist but are heavily moderated.
  • There are no more stat enhancing items as stat enhancements have been rolled into character progression.
  • Extra-dimensional items created without using Crafter magic costs four times as much as their normal prices.
  • No item may remove the need to sleep or eat food.
  • No more tomes.

Magical Item Slots

A character may have one magical item in each of their body slots: Head, Eyes/Face, Throat, Shoulders, Hands, Arms/Wrists, Body, Torso, Waist, Pants, Feet, and two Rings. A character may choose to sacrifice a somewhat-similar item slot for another non-conventional slot (for instance, sacrificing the Pants slot for a Tail slot, or sacrificing the Boots slot for a Wings slot).

Some items may have multiple available slots that they may fit in, such as scabbards being allowed in a Belt or Pants slot.

Weapons, Armor and Shields

Weapons, Armor and Shields are not enchanted like normal items but rather function as benefits a character applies to the appropriate equipment. See the individual page for more information on these three unique types of items.

Magical Items

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