Legends and Lore

The following are legends and lore the spill across the continents and to some people are considered to be more history and truth than legend. There is some considerable crossover between these legends, the Legendary Figures of Creed, and Creed’s numerous Gods and Religions.

Items of Legend

Arcana beyond knowledge, the will of ancient heroes, or a spark of the divine – what empowers these unusual objects is unknown, but their power cannot be denied. Kingdoms have been forged upon their power and wars lost because of them. They fill the dreams of both the righteous and the craven, and are desired by all others. Endless rumors surround even the most obscure of these objects and many fortune seekers spend their lives trying to obtain even one of these great treasures. While not all of these items are necessarily Legendary, each one of them possess the power to forge legends.

Famous Tales

Stories that ring throughout the ages, known across all of Creed. Tales of mysteries and myth, mirth and misfortune, each told a thousand thousand times from a mother’s lips or the pages of a book. Stories that tell of locations forgotten by the ages and horrors the world wishes it could forget. These texts teach both warnings and wonder to the young and the young at heart, and each is all the more precious for it.

Legends and Lore

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