Legendary Figures

The following are legendary figures, both past and present, whose deeds have shaped the face of Creed. There is some considerable crossover between these legendary figures, the Legends and Lore of Creed, and Creed’s numerous Gods and Religions.

Heroes of Creed

Creed is a land of rife with wonder and woe. Fortunately, Creed has found itself with a small group of Heroes over the years, each willing to share the beauty they find and fight back the darkness. Recognized by the The Keepers and revered by the people, these Heroes represent everything right with our world.

Outlaws of Creed

“For every light there is a shadow.” Despite the glorious power of Creed’s Heroes, many still find themselves drawn to the path of villainy. Lost to the sweet allure of wealth or power or to yet darker temptations, these Villains are a blight upon Creed.

Individuals of Note

Not all who catch the public eye can be so easily called a hero or a villain. Greatness does not make one immune to greed or cruelty, nor does a lust for power prevent a person from helping others. The lives and motives of these individuals are often the subject of great debate, their mystery and danger drawing considerable intrigue.

Rulers and Nobility

While there are far too many nobles in Creed for even the most courtly of knights to ever remember, there are many king, queens, and other gentry well known across Creed, even far outside of their political realms. Many Heroes become nobles, more often in title than landings, but will not be double-listed here.

The Nine Guardians

Mysterious and powerful, the Nine Guardians are a source of wonderment and inspiration for the children of Creed and a bastion of comfort for those who fear the destructive potential of magic unchecked. While some claim the Guardians hinder the mystical development of Creed, far more praise them for keeping the world safe while keeping their hands clean of muddy politics.

Figures of the Past

“Every generation needs their own heroes.” Many heroes fall long before their time, leaving behind a legacy unfinished. Fortunately, whenever a hero falls, the stories of their deeds – of their courage, their dedication – they inspire others to stand where that hero no longer can. The stories of the greatest of heroes can echo on into eternity, the hero remembered as an immortal beacon to those who follow.

Legendary Figures

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