Gods and Religions

Creed is home to a great many number of religions among its races and kingdoms. These religions worship immortal gods and goddesses, the primal forces of the wilds, and other truly ineffable divine beings. Some of these religions give credit to their deities for the creation of the lands, or food, warfare, love, light, or varying numbers of the other good and bad elements of life. The deities may be worshiped with altars, elaborate or gigantic statues, sacrifices, and in many other ways, all varying by religions.

Priests, poets and other writers among the races tell stories featuring the traditional myths about the deities’ involvement in life. For the religions that span cultures, you’ll often see great differences from one society to the next, though the core messages in the religion often stay the same. Deities are not beings of fact, they are forces of belief. While some question the very existence of the gods, the mystical power wielded by paladins and priests, even without magical training, is enough to convince many of the divine power behind these righteous figures.

While races are noted below as “X worships Y”, this is almost always a generalization. Many religions, even if racial-primary, count members of multiple races among their ranks. If the religion is something of an exception to this, it’s noted in the section.

Major and Racial Religions

Serra’s Gift

While most primarily worshiped by Lesser Angels, True Angels, and Humans, Serra is venerated throughout almost all of the civilized lands and…

Fiers’ Forge

Barbarians, Dwarves and Fire Angels worship a fiery deity known as Fiers. While all agree that Fiers is a dwarven master of the forge and the high-spirited passions of fire, each culture has a slightly different take on them. To the barbarians, Fiers is the master of the great feasting halls that await them in the afterlife. To the dwarves, Fiers is the father of their precious Lady of the Mountain, and hold a special place for him in their festivals.

The Ocean Guardian

Ocean Angels and Merfolk…

The Ancestor


The Far Lands

Catfolk believe in an ever-expansive…

The Deep Emperor


The Dark Lord

Lesser Demons and True Demons worship an enigmatic figure known as The Lord of the Wastes, spoken of with fear even among his followers…

The Worldmother

A completely unorganized but often highly ritualized “religion”, many worship Gaea, the Worldmother, across the world. Druids, unbound dryads, treefolk, and many elves and catfolk…. Hurloon minotaurs, while they don’t specifically worship Gaea, hold a shamanistic religion that revolves around the veneration of the land and closely mimics aspects of Gaea-worship. Dwarves hold the Gaea is the mother of their precious Lady of the Mountain, and hold a special place for her in their festivals.

The Old Lords


The Jeweled Lady

Also known as The Lady of the Mountain, Dwarves almost universally revere and worship her. They believe she is the child of Gaea and Fiers, and that she in-turn created the dwarves.

The Primals


The Twilight

Keldon believe in a coming “Judgement Day”, called The Twilight, where the five winds of judgement will ignite the final war with a terrible foe. As the winds blow across the world, it is believed that Keld’s past heroes will rise up on the Golden Argosy, a legendary Keldon longship perched atop The Keldon Necropolis, and battle for the future of the world. Almost none but the Keldons follow this belief in The Twilight, and it is an almost unknown religion in regions outside of Keld. Keldons rarely discuss their religion outside of the warlord ceremonies, even among themselves.

The Raven Queen


The Fates


O-Kamachi – The Kami

Kitsune and Nezumi…

Kharega – The Once and Future King


The Guide



Talruum minotaurs worship the god Torahn, a violent war-god…

Rhyzanso – The Flame Keeper


Minor Religions and Cults

Onikenzan – The Consuming End

A terrible and gruesome cult led by the ogre o-bakemono, these zealots see the bloodthirsty Oni both as divine beings and, strangely, their servants. Little else is known about this cult, except that whatever power drives them, it has allowed the O-bakemono to grant their ogre followers and orcish allies horrible power that even demons fear.

The Night Watcher

A minor cult…

The Far Seeker

A minor religion…

Our Righteous Wrath

A minor cult centered around the historic figure Akroma..

Nesingaro – Holy Sacrifice

Kobolds and some goblins…

Mythic Religions

The Magemother

Few in the world outside of The Nine Guardians know the ancient stories of Karona, the Magemother, the goddess of magic and supposedly the source of mana itself….

The Flower Queen

At once seen as a regent, goddess, and loving mother, faeries worship an enigmatic god-queen known as Oona, the Flower Queen, seen as the mother of all faeries and supposedly of all fae….

The Great Beast of Chaos

Little is known of this strange creature and those that worshiped it millennia ago. Though long lost to the world, Ned seems to have some strange connection to this ancient power.

Gods and Religions

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