• Transmutation
  • Level: Green 3
  • Components: V, S, M (The original material, which costs the same amount as the final market value of the item to be created)
  • Casting Time: See text
  • Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
  • Target: One object of up to 10 cu. ft./level; see text
  • Duration: Instantaneous
  • Saving Throw: None
  • Spell Resistance: No

You convert raw material of one sort into a worked object that is of the same material, though your require far more of the material than would normally be required to make the object. Creatures or magic items cannot be created or transmuted by the fabricate spell. You must make an appropriate Craft check to fabricate articles requiring any degree of craftsmanship. Objects that require multiple materials to be made cannot be made by the fabricate spell, though the component pieces may be made. Because of the increased cost of fabricating an object over simply making it by hand, fabricate is usually only used when speed is of the essence or price isn’t an object (for instance,

For most materials, the target of this spell is 10 cubic feet per level. If you work with a mineral or a similarly hard substance, the target is reduced to 1 cubic foot per level instead of 10 cubic feet. This limitation applies to the size of the final product, not the raw material.

Casting requires 1 round per 10 cubic feet of material (or per 1 cubic foot, if a mineral or similar material) to be affected by the spell. This casting time is determined by the size of the final product, not the raw materials.

Crafters find fabricated objects to be poor mediums for enchanting.


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