Dreambound Magic

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Dreaming magic is a unique magic that draws power not from the land of dreams, the thin line between reality and what lays beyond – a place otherwise known as the Dreamscape. By forging a bond with the Dreamscape, the Dreambound are capable of siphoning power from the dreaming world to work unique magics. A character may only cast [Dreaming] spells if they’re a dreambound, though dreamborn and many natives to the Dreamscape gain such spells as spell-like abilities. Dreambound gain all core Dreaming Spells as imbued spells as soon as they meet the listed prerequisites. Only Dream Items may contain Dreaming spells.

Core Dreaming Spells
  • 1 – Ease the Mind (Willing creature falls asleep, allows the creature to Lucid Dream)
  • 2 – Dreamsight (Allows dreambound to see others dreams, like a shroud around them. rough details only)
  • 3 – Touch with Dreams (Touched creature briefly gains Dreamborn Sleep Vulnerability)
  • 4 – Force the Mind (Touched creature falls asleep, save negates)
  • 5 – Alter Dreams (Allows dreambound to alter another’s dreams, letting them use social skills via dream)
  • 6 – Waking Dream (Short duration visible Sending, 1 round/level)
  • 7 – Dream Walk (Allows the dreambound to navigate quickly back to a planar cluster they’ve been to before)
  • 8 – Shared Dream (Allows dreambound to gather dreamers together into the same dream)
  • 9 – Dream Projection (Dreambound and allies dreamwalk, dreambound gains extra protections)
  • 10 – Dream Shift (Like Planeshift, Dreambound and allies shift into the Dreamscape at coterminous location)
  • 11 – Harvest Dreamstuff (Gather dreamstuff from a sleeping creature, weakening them. Some creatures are more resilient.)
  • 12 – Create Lesser Dream (Create an artificial dream, very limited on form and rules)
  • 13 – Dream Gate (Like Gate, opens doorway to coterminous location on Dreamscape)
  • 14 – Create Dream (Create an artificial dream, fewer limits on form and rules)
  • 15 – Master of the Morphic Dream (Alter dreams on the fly, particularly powerful in dreams you created)
  • 16 – Create Greater Dream (Create and artificial dream, very few limits on form and rules)
Other Dreaming Spells

Dreambound do not innately gain these spells.

  • Awaken (Greater Dawn, can dispel magical sleep)
  • Haze of Dreams (A minor waking dream makes movement difficult for a creature)
  • Dream Dalliance (Trap a creature in pleasurable dreams, save negates)
  • Warp Dreamstuff (Twist dreamstuff into other materials or to other ends)
  • Commune with Dreams (Like commune with nature/commune with spirits, but with local dream cluster)
  • Dream Feast (Drain a sleeper’s mind, much like a Nightmare’s Night Terror’s ability)
  • Waking Dreams (Create a disorienting field, much like a Dreamborn’s Waking Dreams ability)
  • Dreamlash (Violent spell only useful against dreamwalkers, can trap them if outside of their own dream)
  • Create Dream Stone (Fuse dreamstuff and purple agate to create dream stone, or nightmares and purple agate to create kalmani)
  • Create Deep Dream (Turns a dream into a deep dream)
  • Infuse with Nightmares (Turns a dream into a nightmare)
  • Traverse the Breach (Rapidly, but temporarily, shift into the Dreamscape)

Dreambound Magic

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