Arandur is a rare natural metal found in igneous rock, usually as streaks of blue-green ore amid vitreous glass. So that it does not become as brittle as the glass it is found in, it must be tempered with a specific alchemical bath (see below) in its forging. The finished forged metal is silver-blue with a green reflective shine. While no stronger than steel, arandur is capable of holding a razor sharp edge even when abused. Arandur has the same hit points and hardness as steel. Arandur is almost exclusively used to make edged weapons, as armor and bludgeoning weapons made of it are functionally the same as steel.

The alchemical bath required to temper Arandur must be prepared with an alchemist with 5 ranks in Craft (Alchemy) and requires 2 doses of Worgar Root (worth 400g), 5 doses of Atlas Sap (worth 50g) and 100g worth of crushed Fire Agate. Once the compound begins to boil, it strangely acts as a tempering agent for the metal. This compound may be allowed to cool and harden to be used at a later time.

Arandur weapons that deal piercing or slashing damage are treated as if they have the Keen enchantment and deal an additional 1d6 precision damage on critical hits. Arandur weapons cost an additional 9,000 gp and are automatically considered masterwork.

Arandur is an inherently magical metal, and thus Crafters attempting to transmute it require 10% of the desired value in ivory claws (so a Crafter attempting to turn regular iron into 1,000 gp worth of Arandur would need 100 gp worth of, say, ivory tiger claws) and the material must be exposed to the same alchemical bath required to temper it. Both the creature components and the alchemical both are consumed in the transmutation.


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