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  • Feats

    Some restrictions have been placed upon feats for this game. The purpose of any restrictions here are for game balance and for some additional roleplay opportunities. *Allowed Feats:* In general, any feat from any source is allowed so long as there is …

  • Armor Proficiencies

    *Armor Proficiency, Light (Combat)* p. You are skilled at wearing light armors. * _Benefit:_ When you wear light armor, the armor check penalty for that armor applies only to Dexterity- and Strength-based skill checks. Additionally, you ignore arcane …

  • Epic Feats

    _Note that everything in Epic is Under Construction. Anything on these pages is subject to sudden and massive change until finalized._ Only Epic characters (that is, characters of 21st level or higher) make take an Epic feat, even if they would …

  • Item Creation Feats

    An item creation feat lets a character create a magic item of a certain type. Regardless of the type of item each involves, the various item creation feats all have certain features in common. *Raw Materials Cost:* The cost of creating a magic item …

  • Epic Critical Feats

    * [[Overwhelming Critical]] * [[Devastating Critical]] * [[Epic Critical Focus]] * [[Epic Critical Mastery]] * [[Greater Critical]]

  • Epic Ranged Weapon Feats

    * [[Distant Shot]] * [[Epic Multishot]] * [[Storm of Throws]] * [[Swarm of Arrows]] * [[Uncanny Accuracy]] * [[Epic Point Blank Shot]] * [[Comet Shot]] * [[Extraordinary Shot]] * [[Uncanny Accuracy]]

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