Wing Guards of the Superior Drake


A set of expertly wrought mithral wing bindings, designed to fit snuggly over the scaled wings of a large creature. The bindings are always faintly warm to the touch, as if they’d recently been out in the sun.

Wing Guards of the Superior Drake
  • Type: Altered Large Wing Bindings
  • Material: Castle Forged Mithral (Good quality material)
  • Craft: 60
  • Caster Level: 10

The Wing Guards of the Superior Drake are a Crafter item themed to grant the wearer the natural speed and grace of a powerful drake. The item is enchanted with the following effects.

Superior Flight:Increases the wearer’s base fly speed by 10 ft, to a maximum base fly speed of 60 ft, and grants an Average maneuverability unless their normal maneuverability if better.

Striding: Grants the wearer a 30 ft enhancement bonus to their fly speed.

Cloud Wings: May be activated 2/day to grant the wearer the benefits of Cloud Wings (CL 8).

Swiftness: Twice per day, the item may be activated as a swift action to allow the wearer to move a distance up to their move speed.

Altered: Once per day when taking the bonus movement from this item’s Swiftness ability, the wearer may choose to additionally gain the benefits of a special Wake of Light (CL 10) as a free action. This special Wake of Light does not care whether or not the wearer is mounted, and does not end upon dismounting. Regardless of true alignment, this special Wake of Light effect always treats drakes as good-aligned and always treats true dragons as evil-aligned.


Wing Guards of the Superior Drake

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