Windward Tunic


A fine white silk shirt with embroidered feathers decorating the hem.

Windward Tunic
  • Type: Altered Shirt
  • Material: Silk (Good quality material)
  • Craft: 30
  • Caster Level: 7

The Windward Tunic is a Crafter item that has yet to be themed.

Focused Survival, Reflexes: The wearer gains a +5 Resistance bonus on Fortitude and Will saving throws, and a +6 Resistance bonus on Reflex saving throws. In addition, once per day as an immediate action, the character may choose to reroll a Reflex save before they know the result of the roll (this effect cannot reroll a natural 1).

Altered: After charging an opponent, faint white winds swirl around the wearer. While the winds are active, the wearer gains a +2 bonus on all saving throws made against spells and effects created by the charged creature and a +1 Dodge bonus to AC against all physical ranged attacks. These bonuses last until the beginning of the wearer’s next round.


Windward Tunic

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