Wildkin Mantle


An elegant leafweave leather cloak covered in beautiful peacock feathers. Though difficult to discern, the eyes of the feathers have taken on the forms of dozens of unique animals and magical beasts. Ancient bloodstains coat the interior of this cloak.

Wildkin Mantle
  • Type: Innately Magical Cloak
  • Material: Peacock Feathers (Good quality material)
  • Craft check: 36
  • Caster Level: 16

The wildkin mantle declares its bearer to be an ally of beasts. While wearing the mantle, animals will not attack the bearer unless provoked and treat the bearer as two steps friendlier (up to friendly). Magical beasts will also be one step friendlier towards the bearer of the cloak (up to neutral) until provoked, though this is rarely enough to dissuade a hungry magical beast on the hunt. The bearer of the mantle receives a +5 bonus on Handle Animal checks to calm a creature and on Heal checks made to heal a wounded animal or magical beast.

The wildkin mantle is tied to the essence of an ancient beast, occasionally calling forth the powerful creature whenever its bearer is in need. Whenever the bearer of the mantle makes a melee or ranged attack at a foe, or casts an offensive spell that targets or includes at least one enemy, the mantle has a 10% chance of calling forth Mukren, the runeclaw bear. Mukren appears as adjacent to the bearer as possible and acts immediately after them. If the bearer has wild empathy or may otherwise communicate with magical beasts, they may attempt to guide Mukren’s actions, though he is in no way compelled to act as they order and will first and foremost attempt to defend the bearer. Mukren remains summoned for a number of rounds equal to 1d6+1/4 the bearer’s hit dice (rounded down). If Mukren would be called again while he is active, his hit points, mana, and spell-like abilities are instead refreshed and the remaining duration on his conjuration increases by a number of rounds equal to 1d6+1/4 the bearer’s hit dice (rounded down).

Should the bearer ever harm a non-hostile animal or magical beast while wearing the cloak, they will suffer a -2 morale penalty on attack rolls, skill checks, and saving throws for 24 hours, though the cloak will continue to function. This effect is cumulative per animal harmed and refreshes the duration. The cloak refuses to aid anyone who has ever harmed or killed an animal or magical beast for pleasure, only granting them 2 negative levels while worn.


Wildkin Mantle

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