Wild-Warped Band of Bound Afflictions


A simple ring made from twisted copper wire with a small rose quartz wrapped in the cords.

Wild Warped Band of Bound Affliction
  • Type: Wild-Warped Ring
  • Material: Rose Quartz (Average quality material)
  • Craft: Negligible
  • Caster Level: 5

This hastily made ring was a single-use item of Resurgence, but has been altered to instead contain the affliction instead of destroying it. The ring currently contains the magical fae disease Liveral Sei (Painted Petals), and should the stone in the ring ever be destroyed the disease will be released. While worn, the ring imparts the visual hallucinations of Liveral Sei, making pieces of the world seem like a flowing, living painting. This ring has a minor curse on it, giving all Fae a +5 bonus on Perception to notice the wearer.

This ring is wild-warped, and emits a foul chaotic aura. The ring was successfully challenged, launching the party into a spiritual challenge in a burning realm of diseased elementals and weeping elemental stones, attuning the ring to Reikhardt. Once per day as a standard action, Reikhardt may activate the ring to gain a 75% immunity to difficult terrain and entanglement and gain the benefits of Water Walking for 24 hours. Reikhardt may choose to divide this duration in 1 hour intervals among any number of creatures touched when activated. Additionally, the ring now faintly tugs towards the mysterious warlock Xion.


Wild-Warped Band of Bound Afflictions

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