Wayfinder's Topiary


A carefully worked piece of driftwood, shaped like a branching tree and set on a piece of amethyst. While the “leaves” of the tree appear to be made of citrine, a closer inspection reveals them to be a sugary rock candy.

Wayfinder’s Topiary
  • Type: Magic Art Piece
  • Material: Amethyst (Average quality material)
  • Craft Check: 26
  • Caster Level: 10

The top of this crystalline topiary grows four pieces of rock candy that appear much like citrine. Though well attached, a firm tug will easily release one of the sweets from the base. Once removed from the tree, the rock candy will stay solid 2d6 hours, after which point it will quickly break apart and dissolve to nothing.

If eaten while it is still whole (following the same rules as drinking a potion), the candy grants the imbiber a +10 insight bonus on a single chosen ability or skill check made to leave or escape the area they are currently in (GM discretion). For instance, this bonus might give a bonus on a Disable Device check for someone attempting to break free of their jail cell or a bonus on an Intelligence check made to escape the effects of a Maze spell. Activating this bonus requires an immediate action. Unlike similar skill-boosting magics (such as Divine Insight), the insight bonus granted by wayfinder’s topiary may apply to a complex check. This bonus must be used within 1 hour of eating the candy, or the effect is lost.

A piece of the rock candy will regrow on the topiary over 1d4 months, starting out a pale yellow-white and then deepening into the citrine coloration once “matured” – a Knowledge (Geography) DC 15 check can easily identify this. If removed before completely matured, the rock candy provides no benefit and a new one must grow. A piece of the topiary cannot be effectively reattached once it is removed by any means.

Candy Pieces
  1. Fully Grown
  2. Fully Grown
  3. Fully Grown
  4. Fully Grown

Wayfinder's Topiary

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