Tome of Worldly Memory


A small book done in the fashion of a holy text, the blank pages of this book are bound in inverted forest drake hide and a detailed depiction of The Far Seeker graces the front cover.

Tome of Worldly Memory
  • Type: Unique Magic Tome
  • Material: Average Forest Drake Hide
  • Craft check: 22
  • Caster Level: 9

By studying the tome for 1 minute, the reader may gain a +5 competence bonus on a single Knowledge check. If the reader has 5 or more ranks in the Knowledge skill in question, they need only peruse the book as a standard action to gain its benefits. The tome may function as a library, allowing the character to reroll a failed knowledge check once without the need to invest another rank in the Knowledge skill or seek out a specific treatise on the subject, though such a use always requires at least 5 minutes.

While the tome has access to most all public documents, and thus can access even fairly obscure knowledge, it cannot access private documents and thus cannot grant a bonus on researching information only available in such collections.


Tome of Worldly Memory

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