Tiki Horde


Ten small tiki statuettes, each one carved from bone and lacquered with vibrant paints. The tikis rattle faintly when the full set is placed in a circle.

Tiki Horde
  • Type: Blessed Statuette
  • Material: Bone (Poor quality material)
  • Craft: 32
  • Caster Level: 20

These tiki are strange objects that can called upon to perform various tasks, depending on the number of people working together to activate them. To work together, characters must be each holding a tiki and no two can be more than 20 ft apart, each activating their tiki simultaneously (readying actions as necessary). To activate a tiki, the character must place a drop of their own blood on top of the statuette. Beings without a soul and without blood cannot activate a tiki, and a single character may only activate a single tiki. The tiki horde’s cursed master must participate in all activations (see below).

The tiki horde has three charges per day. The tikis may be activated and a number of charges expended to create one of the effects listed below, so long as the requisite number of people activate them (All effects are at CL 20, saves are made at 15 plus spell level). Activating the tikis requires the same amount of time as is normally required by the spell effect being created. The tiki horde’s cursed master makes all spell decisions and controls all spells created by the tiki horde.

So long as the horde’s cursed master is holding a tiki, the rest of the tikis will float around that person or group of people, if multiple people are holding a tiki. Any tiki taken more than 20 feet from their cursed master automatically disappears, reappearing floating around him. The tikis are wrapped in a dire curse and always require a cursed master be in control of them – chosen by the tiki through what appears to be a strange a fight to the death. The tiki will not leave their cursed master’s possession – reappearing if removed or repairing if destroyed. The tiki horde currently holds Reikhardt as their cursed master, and the party is yet unaware of how this curse might be broken.

Unlike other blessed items the party has found, this item does not exude any spiritual energies.


Tiki Horde

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