The Wolveseye


An old and tarnished mithral pendant set with a beautifully flawed moonstone that resembles a wolf’s eye. You feel just a bit lonely while wearing this pendant.

The Wolveseye
  • Type: Innately Magical Necklace
  • Material: Moonstone (Great quality material)
  • Craft check: 38
  • Caster Level: 10

The bearer of the wolveseye gains the ability to understand most languages (as per Tongues) and to read most common languages (as per Comprehend Languages). Because of the age of this item, some now-ancient languages are easily translated by the pendant, while newer languages (such as Poin) or languages that rapidly change (such as Common) are poorly deciphered by it (if at all). Additionally, the bearer gains the ability to very roughly understand the markings and sounds used between pack animals and quasi-intelligent beings native to forests and jungles (such as wolves, forest drakes, and some trolls). Getting useful information out of this rough understanding often requires a knowledge of the creature in question along with some skill at understanding languages and intentions. If the bearer has wild empathy, this item grants a +10 bonus for the purpose of comprehension with that ability, though not when used as a replacement for another skill (such as Diplomacy).

The back of this pendant bears an inscription in an elvish-looking but unfamiliar language, though one easily translated by the wolveseye,

”Learn the beauty of this world, my daughter, and even the beasts will bow to you.

Know that I will always be watching you, and I will always love you.”


The Wolveseye

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