The Transformation of Beauty


This beautify star ruby rune dances with internal light under the night sky. It’s power is almost palpable, just holding it makes you feel more attractive and commanding. While a palm-sized chunk of star ruby is itself highly valuable, as a true rune this item could command great riches from the right buyer.

The Transformation of Beauty
  • Type: True Rune
  • Material: Star Ruby (Great quality material)
  • Craft check: -
  • Caster Level: 17

Once per day, the rune may be activated to increase a target’s Charisma by 2 for the purposes of Charisma checks and social interaction skill checks for a number of days equal to their Charisma modifier (minimum 1). This effect has real, albeit temporary, changes on the target’s physical appearance, making targets of this effect considerably more beautiful. This effect cannot be dispelled or undone by any means while it is active.

Alternately, the rune may be used on a target daily for one week. Doing so allows the target to sacrifice 2 stat points from any other stat to permanently increase their Charisma by 1. A single target may only be affected by this transformation twice. A Runethane may expend some of their power to allow a target to undergo this transformation additional times, but the amount of sacrificed stat points increases by 1 for every additional transformation. This effect is instantaneous and cannot be dispelled or undone by any means.

The Transformation of Beauty is a true rune, and as such its powers may only be used under a starry night sky, unless used by a Runethane. This rune may only be used by someone able to correctly identify it (Spellcraft DC 35, or knowledge of the language Karthos) or by a Runethane.


The Transformation of Beauty

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