The Four Tomes of Wild Magic


Upon the party’s completion of the adventure for the Bag of Beans, the party was able to land their hands on some of the volumes that Cyril once compiled and studied. Each contains valuable information regarding Wild Magic, and some of these books are no longer in existence, at least from a public perspective. The four books are as follows.

  1. Cyril’s Tome of the Paths of Chaos, including personal research
  2. The Tome of Chaos Craft, Wild Crafted and Warped Items
  3. To Serve the Unknown, the Study of Servants of Chaos and of Crafting Your Own
  4. Cyril’s Spellbook, with formulas used to make essential Wild Mage only spells

These books will hopefully lead to Ned’s further understanding of what he is and what he is capable of.


The Four Tomes of Wild Magic

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