Tempest's Heart


A thin but sturdy buckler made of fine mithral, the shield’s design is evocative of both elven and aven styles. Four large, hemispherical gems are set into the front of the buckler – a fire agate, a frost agate, a moss agate, and a sky agate.

Tempest’s Heart
  • Type: Masterwork Buckler
  • Material: Mithral (Good quality material); 15 Hardness, 25 Hit Points
  • Craft: 26
  • Caster Level: 12

Tempest’s Heart has the Blinding quality. Once per day, this buckler may produce either a Heart of Earth, Heart of Air, Heart of Fire or Heart of Water (caster level 12) on the wearer. Twice per day, the wearer may unleash a 30 foot line of elemental energy as a move action, dealing 2d6 Acid damage, 2d6 Lightning damage, 2d6 Cold damage, and 2d6 Fire damage (Reflex DC 14+Character level for half). This damage is Empowered against creatures with the Elemental subtype.

Lesser Universal Resistance: Tempest’s Heart provides +10 Energy Resistance to Acid, Cold, Electricity, Fire and Sonic damage to the wearer.


Tempest's Heart

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