Tabard of the Eternal Watch


A tabard made of a most unusual cotton, thick and seemingly colored by grit and wear. Despite it’s unusual appearance, this tabard is a masterpiece – the fabric is smooth and soft to the touch, and is expertly cut to look like rippling brown and white marble when the wearer moves. A brilliant white spearhead is emblazoned onto the front of the tabard, perpetually shimmering with a faint light.

Tabard of the Eternal Watch
  • Type: Altered Tabard
  • Material: The dress from a Sentinel of the Eternal Watch (Great material)
  • Craft: 52
  • Caster Level: 16

The Tabard of the Eternal Watch is a Crafter item themed after a Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, the ancient guardians of holy servants and their sacred places.

Shielded Expertise: The Tabard of the Eternal Watch grants its wearer the benefits of the Combat Expertise feat so long as they meet the prerequisites for it. If the wearer already possesses the Combat Expertise feat and is wielding a heavy or tower shield, they instead treat their BAB as being 4 points higher for calculating the bonuses and penalties of Combat Expertise and do not suffer Combat Expertise’s penalty on melee attack rolls on the first attack they make each turn. They still suffer the penalty on any additional attacks, including attacks of opportunity.

Sentinel’s Stand – Altered: Twice per day, the wearer may call upon the fortifying abilities of the Sentinel to close off a hall or doorway. By raising up a wielded heavy or tower shield above their head and then bring it down with a violent thrust, the wearer seals the opening with a plane of brilliant force – pouring down from the ceiling and slamming into the ground with the sound, force, and appearance of a falling gate. Activating this ability requires a full-round action that provokes an attack of opportunity and must target an appropriate location (GM discretion) within Close range of the wearer (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels). The gate can block off a hall or doorway using 16 10-ft squares (effectively a 40-ft wide and 40-ft tall hallway) – the gate will fail to manifest if it cannot fill the space (wasting the action but not the use of the ability). Any creatures underneath the gate as it forms are shunted towards whichever side of the gate the wearer is standing on. So long as the wearer is within Close range of the gate, they luminesce with a soft light (shedding light like a candle) and gain a +2 Sacred bonus to AC and a +2 bonus on saves and to CMD against any effect that would move them.

This wall is a force effect with hardness 30 and 320 hitpoints, but it is also connected to the life force of the tabard wearer. Any time the wall would take damage, if wearer is within Close range of the gate they may choose to expend an immediate action to take whatever damage the gate would otherwise take until the beginning of their next turn (and thus preventing it from being destroyed by disintegration damage, if affected by any). This wall is otherwise much like a Wall of Force. Unlike a normal wall of force, this wall is opaque, shedding a pale white light (as per the Light spell). The wall lasts for 16 rounds, or until destroyed.

Focus: The Tabard of the Eternal Watch acts as a unique focus for the spell Noble Sacrifice. Whenever the wearer casts Noble Sacrifice, the target of the spell gains the benefits of Shield Other as if the wearer had just cast it upon them. This Shield Other effect lasts until the beginning of the wearers next turn so long as the target remains within Close range of the wearer (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels). This effect overrides other castings of Shield Other , but does not dispel them (they resume functioning after this effect passes).


Tabard of the Eternal Watch

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