Stoneshaper's Scabbard


A solid marble scabbard, originally designed to sheathe a katana. The veins in the marble seem to pulse and shift slowly.

Stoneshaper’s Scabbard
  • Type: Blessed Scabbard
  • Material: Marble (Good quality material)
  • Craft check: 27
  • Caster Level: 13

Though originally designed to store a katana, this scabbard will shift to hold any weapon of up to size Huge. The wielder may activate the scabbard twice per day as a free action whenever a weapon is drawn from this scabbard, causing floating veins of flowing marble to trail behind the weapon for the remainder of the round. Alternately, the wearer may draw a weapon along the scabbard as a move action, creating the same effect.

The bearer may choose to use one of the following two options when activated, one of these actions must be made in the same round the scabbard is activated or the effect is lost.

  • Stonesnap: The next attack the wielder makes that round sends the veins of marble lashing out. This attack must be made as a standard action attack or as part of a full-round attack. This melee attack acts as a thrown weapon with a 20-foot range increment and deals an additional 1d6 points of damage, though all physical damage from the attack is dealt as piercing damage. If the attack hits, the wielder may activate Stonebind as a swift action.
  • Stonebind: The veins of marble stab out toward’s the bearer’s target on the first successful attack the wielder makes that round (or if activated after using Stonesnap), lodging themselves in the victem (Reflex Negates, DC = 10 + damage). While lodged, the target’s movement speed is halved & they cannot run or charge. The wielder can keep the target from getting away or may drag the target to them by making an Opposed Strength check as an attack action, though failure indicates the wielder ends up prone and potentially drug along behind the target as they move. Removing the marble veins requires two hands & a Full Round Action and deals the damage again unless a Heal check vs. DC 15 is made, or they may be dispelled. Stonebind will remain active for 1d4+2 rounds before crumbling away to dust.

So long as the wielder is near spiritually corrupted earth or stone, this scabbard gains the following additional powers. These powers are active regardless of whether or not the bearer is aware of the corruption.

  • The scabbard cannot be removed from the bearer (willingly or otherwise) and is counted as a very minor item of Legend for the purposes of sundering.
  • The scabbard gains an additional use of its daily ability. A single area of corruption may only grant the scabbard an additional use once per day.
  • The scabbard’s Stonesnap ability increases it’s range to 40 feet and increases the additional damage to 4d6. The wielder gains a +4 bonus on the Opposed Strength check made while using the scabbard’s Stonebind ability, and the ability now lasts for 1d6+3 rounds.

This scabbard exudes a faint amount of spiritual energy.


Stoneshaper's Scabbard

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