Skyjek Patrol Saddle


Crafted of the finest Leafweave leather, this saddle embodies the connection between a Skyjek and their rider. Emblazoned on the side, “A mount and their rider are one.”

Skyjek Patrol Saddle
  • Type: Saddle
  • Material: Leafweave leather (Good quality material)
  • Craft: ??
  • Caster Level: 12

The Skyjek Patrol Saddle is a Crafter item themed towards improving the Skyjek’s bond with their companion. The item is currently enchanted with the following effects

Enduring Mount: While serving as a mount and bearing a rider, the wearer gains the benefits of the Endurance and Run feats.

Skillful Rider: A rider mounted in the Skyjek Patrol Saddle gains a +5 competence bonus to their Ride skill for the purposes of Mounted Combat checks made while the wearer is airborne.


Skyjek Patrol Saddle

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