Silverleaf Fullplate


An immaculately wrought set of mithral fullplate, courtly in nature but clearly designed for riding. Faint etchings of leaves, flowers, and vines adorn the armor, pale golden-green light occasionally running across them.

Silverleaf Fullplate
  • Type: Altered Masterwork Fullplate
  • Material: Mithral (Great quality castle-forged material); 21 hardness, 70 hit points
  • Craft: 73
  • Caster Level: 10

Altered: As a swift action, the wearer may cause mithral leaves, flowers, and vines to grow across the armor, all traced with a golden-green light. This effect grants the wearer fast healing 5 and grants the armor the benefits of Diamondsteel for the duration. This effect can be active for up to 1 minute per day, deactivating it is a free action.

This armor has the Harded, Reinforced, Ornate (Diplomacy), and Assisting (Ride) armor modifications.


Silverleaf Fullplate

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