Servant's Crystal


A small pyramid prism made of quartz crystal, a faint blue light dances in its core.

Servant’s Crystal
  • Type: Unique Magic Tool
  • Material: Quartz (Good quality material)
  • Craft check: 18
  • Caster Level: 7

When held up to a light, the servant’s crystal will draw memories of an important woman from the bearer’s mind. These memories are used to create a magical mimic of the woman, acting as a semi-sentient servant with the ability to speak after a few hours of exposure to a common language. The servant functions continuously so long as the crystal exists and the servant is interacted with at least once a month. The creation has some number of pre-programmed information relating to The Far Seeker’s safehouse in Erathell, unfortunately this information is all in Sylvan. The servant otherwise functions as-per Unseen Servant.

The crystal has been discovered to have a spell circle engraved into its core, revealed only by passing light of all five mystical colors over it at once. This circle appears to be a spell that would allow for a transfer of information between objects, much like a Telepathic Bond would between people. For unknown reasons, the circle has been turned on, and the Unseen Servant lay comatose and its form appears to be shifting to that of a dryad.


Servant's Crystal

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