Scalewarden's Aegis


A finely wrought mithral breastplate, designed as barding for a larger drake. Small scales have been carefully picked out of the mithral, so perfect they nearly seem to have been grown rather than forged.

Scalewarden’s Aegis
  • Type: Altered Masterwork Large Breastplate Barding
  • Material: Mithral (Good quality castle-forged material); 15 hardness, 60 hit points
  • Craft: 56
  • Caster Level: 11

Scalewarden’s Aegis is a Crafter item that has not been themed yet.

Deflection: The armor provides its wearer a +3 Deflection bonus.

Altered: “Whenever an enemy threatens a critical hit against the wearer but fails to confirm, this armor conjures a large inch-thick mithral scale between the wearer and that opponent. This scale lasts until the end of the wearer’s turn after next and, as it is made of mithral, has hardness 15 and 30 hit points. It otherwise functions as per Stone Shield (CL 5). Additionally, the wearer may use an immediate action to purposefully activate this effect against any chose enemy up to 4 times per day. Only one of these scales may exist at a time. If a new one would be created while a previous one already exists, the wearer my choose to prevent the new one from forming.


Scalewarden's Aegis

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