Safety Pin


A old silver cloak pin with three strangely designed heads adorning it. While it’s clear this was once crafted by a master silversmith, the pin is scarred from age and wear and looks to have been slightly melted, possibly a number of times. It emanates a subtle feeling of confidence.

Safety Pin
  • Type: Cloak Pin (Shoulders slot)
  • Material: Silver (Poor quality material; looks like it was once much better quality)
  • Craft: Difficult to determine given its heavy use throughout the centuries
  • Caster Level: 10

If the wearer of a safety pin would be killed, a burst of black flame fills their square and they’re instantly teleported to the last place they slept. The character is reduced to 1 hit point away from death, stable, and is severely cauterized head to tow to prevent any post-combat bleeding. While this effect often leaves severe scars, it’s typically a preferable to death.

The pin itself is left behind in the wearer’s square. While the magic in the pin only works once, it seems obvious the pin could be recharged using the right magic. What magic that would be is, unfortunately, not so obvious.


Safety Pin

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