Robe of the Beast


A beautiful crimson and blue mage’s robe made of flamewoven silk is tailored to fit a very specific person – Ned Dwimmerfall. The color, cuffs, and trim of this robe are stiff and flared carefully to look like shifting flames. The robe is accented with woven gold, silver, and small amounts of adamantine. The robe is always faintly warm to the touch.

Robe of the Beast
  • Type: Wild Robe
  • Material: Flamewoven Silk (Good quality material)
  • Craft: 36
  • Caster Level: 15

The Ring of the Beast is a Crafter item themed towards drawing power from the God of Chaos, The Beast. The item is currently enchanted with the following effects.

Wild Mind: When the wearer would Wild Surge, they may choose to have the Robe of the Beast affect them with a Confusion effect (as per Confusion) before the Wild Surge is rolled for. The Confusion effect lasts for 7 rounds.

Metamagics: This robe grants a chaotic wearer use of the Anarchic Spell metamagic feat.

This mage’s robe flares with two distinct chaotic auras, showing all the signs of containing a small bit of fractured mana – one aura a lively and twirling blue, shot with sparks of red, the other a raging fire of deep crimson pulsing with waves of green and black. While Ned can identify the magical fingerprint radiating from the blue one as his own, the other one is unknown to him (though a fairly easy guess).

Chasuble of Power: This item adds 2d6 points of damage (greater) to any spell the wearer casts that deals hit point damage and has the chaotic descriptor.

Master’s Mark: This item is attuned to chaos, granting a +2 Insight bonus to the wearer’s caster level for that alignment.

The material, additionally, provides the wearer and the robe with Fire Resistance 5.


Robe of the Beast

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