An uncut piece of nearly black malachite. The gemstone pulses faintly when you think of your hated foes.

  • Type: Weapon Crystal
  • Material: Malachite (Good quality material)
  • Craft: -
  • Caster Level: 12

Rancor keys into your hatred and rage and may be used as a weapon crystal. When attached to a weapon, rancor increases that weapon’s damage by 1d4 against your favored enemies from a class ability, enemies against which you have a bonus against from a similar class or racial ability, or the keyed enemy of a Bane enchantment on that weapon. Additionally, whenever such a creature creature is dropped to 0 hit points or less in a round they were damaged by rancor’s weapon, the wielder may expend 2 mana points from a pool that opposes their typical racial color (or any mana if they have none) to gain an immediate attack against an enemy within reach. This attack is made at the wielder’s highest attack bonus as a free action. The cost of activating this ability increases by 1 for every activation after the first in the same combat.

When held, rancor (or the weapon it is attached to) pulses noticeably when one of the above noted enemies is within 60 feet of your gaze (as if benefiting from the first round of concentration from Detect Favored Enemy, CL 12).

Unless disintegrated to dust or destroyed with similarly powerful magic, when destroyed rancor will reform within 1d100 miles in 1d12 hours.



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