Portal Paint


A small can of clear paint with the image of a door on the front. When used, the paint automatically paints whatever’s in the mind of its user.

Portal Paint
  • Type: Wild Substance
  • Material: Paint
  • Craft: -
  • Caster Level: 13

This magical paint changes properties depending on how it’s used. If used to paint a door on a thin wall, the door will become real and fully functional from the side it’s painted on for 1 hour, otherwise the use is wasted. If used to paint a tunnel on the side of a mountain, the tunnel will become real and will exit somewhere randomly on the outside of the mountain. The tunnel entrance will exist for 1 minute but the exit will exist until all who enter the tunnel have exited (closing behind the travelers as they pass). If used to paint a hole on any surface, it will create a 10-by-10-by-10 foot extradimensional hole which will exist for 30 minutes. Alternately, the paint can be used to give the painter a +10 bonus on a single Craft (Painting) check. Magical materials, enchanted materials, and materials notably resistant to magic, such as lead, will typically cause this paint to fail or misfire.

A single can of paint has 5 uses.


Portal Paint

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